Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inside Hillary’s PA Campaign

A friend of mine decided she wanted to work for Hillary’s campaign (yes, I have liberal friends). She was bristling with energy and giddiness to work for a candidate whom she admired. She couldn’t wait to be part of a team shaping the direction of Pennsylvanian politics.

Until she arrived at work.

For two weeks, she ran the campaign in Western PA by herself. She worked from 9:00am until midnight, every day, seven days a week. She made around 600 phone calls per day. Blah.

Then came the professional staffers – the ones who worked Hillary’s campaign in other states. They were battle hardened and they showed it. They were the meanest people my friend had ever met and they treated everyone like garbage.

“Everything you heard about that campaign is true,” my friend noted. It’s low on money, it’s unorganized, and it’s in shambles.

And the kicker? My friend had her wallet stolen from inside the headquarters. Yup, from a fellow Hillary supporter. Ouch.

That was enough and my friend went running back to her former job, which was still there for her.

The result? She’s no longer a Hillary fan. She isn’t voting for Obama, either – just like we’ve been hearing from survey organizations.

Now that she’s out of the lion’s den of politics, my friend seems happier now.

If she becomes conservative, then she’ll be much happier.


elrodney said...

Right. She the same as a republican.

I'm sorry you and your friend seem like great people. Why you can't see through the republicans lies and deceit is beyond me.

I wish you the best.
Thanks for your time.

Rich Talbert said...

Perhaps because I look at each issue through the lens of an American (conservative) and I'll gladly blast any bureaucrat that works to undermine the Constitution.

Hillary's a socialist.
Obama's a Marxist.
McCain is only conservative 65% of the time...and when he's wrong, he's waaaay wrong.

2008 is not the year for the American voter.