Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PA-3 Primary Election - Vote for Change?

Ugh. What a poor time to be an American in PA-3.

Republicans have one choice: Phil English. Yeesh. He's a RINO of the first order. Sure, he's pro-gun and pro-life and even pro-tax cut, but he's a big, big spender. And he just tag-teamed with Liberals to expand government benefits to the unemployed.

Democrats have plenty of choices, but they all want to radically expand goverment. Yup, they all favor national healthcare. What a brilliant way to cripple the economy and destroy the best healthcare system in the world! Anyone who calls themselves an American should flee from all four Dem candidates and their financial irresponsibility.

So, who is left? Ummm...no one, really. You're screwed either way when the general election comes in November. It's just a matter of degree. Do you prefer being screwed or really screwed?

I might just write in my own name. At least I will know I'm voting for a conservative.

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