Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grove City School Superintendent Bob Post Hikes Taxes Again

Yup. Grab your ankles. Bob Post is back.

He's raising your taxes (with the generous support of the Grove City School Board) by two mills. In all fairness, it's only a 1.99-mill hike, but when you are stealing money from your neighbors, what's the difference?

The geniuses at the school district think it takes 53.49 mills to run the school. Of course, they blame it on rising fuel and energy costs.

Of course, since the citizens continue to elect the board, they rule with impunity.

Oddly, the borough council has figured out how to run the entire borough of Grove City on four mills. Perhaps the folks at the school could stop by for a tutoring session on how to balance a budget. Or how to say "no" to a spending hike...

In case you forgot, the borough hasn't raised taxes in 26 years. I think it has been 26 years since the school district passed a balanced budget. Perhaps a member of the local media can ask at the next meeting...

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