Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mercer County Schools Weigh in on Taxes

Grove City: Up 2 mills

Mercer: Up 2.6 mills

Reynolds: No hike!

Greenville: No hike!

Hermitage: No hike!

Lakeview: No hike!

West Middlesex: No hike!

But...but...but...how? According to the Grove City School Board and Superintendent Robert Post, energy costs are to blame for the hike (yeah, they play that card every year).

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):

In Reynolds:

No tax increase is needed because of the excellent stewardship of the district’s business office, budget committee and others who contributed to keeping costs down, Superintendent Maddox B. Stokes said after the

It’s also time to give a break to taxpayers, who have seen increased property taxes over the last several years, said Beverly Morrison, chairwoman of the budget and finance committee.

In Greenville:

Taxes are expected to remain at 55.86 mills because the district’s staff and administration worked hard to keep costs down, Dennis Webber, chairman of the budget committee, said Wednesday.

In Hermitage:

Superintendent Karen A. Ionta said she does not want to raise taxes just to raise taxes.

Can you imagine hearing those words from our current "leadership" in the Grove City School District? I can't either.

Why make tough decisions when you can steal from an apathetic, non-voting neighbor?

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