Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scott Dunn Appeals Arson Sentencing

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):

In Dunn’s appeal, Stephen M. Misko of Butler said Dobson incorrectly exceeded sentencing guidelines on one of the arson charges and should have merged the arson charges — one dealing with endangering firefighters and one dealing with property — into a single count for sentencing.

Misko claimed Dobson focused too much on the beating and fire, and not enough on Dunn’s character, criminal history, rehabilitation needs and his plea, which relieved the district attorney’s office and Ms. Dunn’s family from having to go through a trial.

Misko also alleged Dobson was trying to “soothe the public, placate the family and provide support for the DA’s plea agreement” over Dunn being allowed to plea to voluntary manslaughter. Misko referred to “negative editorials in local newspapers criticizing the District Attorney.”

Egads. Won't this guy just go away? He should be thankful he's alive and just do his time.

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