Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How the Looney Left view Conservatives

I'm not making this up! The resident troll (crybaby and whiner, to boot) on GrassrootsPA has given his manifesto of how he views conservatives. It's so bent and twisted...but hey, would you expect any different from a full-blown communist?

Just for fun, I left all of the spelling and grammatical errors. This clown claims to have multiple degrees!

Without further adieu, here's the list:

Explain to me how this is living in reality:

1) wing nuts want to shelter their children from any social interaction by home schooling them and keeping them out of the public.
2) wing nuts want to teach teenagers only certain issues relating to sex, while ignoring the reality that it will be a part of their lives.
3) wing nuts demonize sex and scar that part of their childrens lives forever.
4) wing nuts feel that Sadam and Iraq had something to do with 911
5) wing nuts say they are pro-life, but give littel thought or concern about 170,000 troops fighting in a country that was not a threat to our country
6) wing nuts now love to nation build and do so with our tax dollars
7) wing nuts now feel that the military is not there to protect our home land, but build brings and schools in a foreign land, even though they do not like us or want us there
8) wing nuts feel it is ok for the government to force an innocent family into certain life and death medical decisions
9) wing nuts support an administration that inherited one trillion dollars in surplus, only to create a 3 trillion dollar deficit in seven years. (that is a 4 trillion dollar turn aroud)
10) wing nut are only pro-life when the fetus is maintained in the womb
Yeah, I know. He's wrong ten times in a row. But that is how the twisted mind of a leftist works! Keep in mind that many of us on GrassrootsPA have tried to correct them, but he keeps spouting the same lies over and over and over and over. Just yesterday, he made a comment about Bush outing Valerie Plame! There's what...about seven people on the planet who still believe that one?

And on several occasions, he has implied that our troops are not really Americans and deserve to be attacked. Then he tries to say he supports the troops... Huh?

Conservatives, meet the mind of the left! Oh...and he's an Obama supporter. Surprised? I didn't think so.


Dan Maloney said...


We see these people all the time at our counter demonstrations (Troop Support Rallies). It is amazing how they can be so self-deluded. It is impossible to change their minds with logical argument.

Luckily most Americans see them for what they are, deranged, willfully ignorant political partisans.

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

Anonymous said...

as a leftist myself i disagree with you rich people. so stop surpressing us and get rid of the class system

Rich Talbert said...

Interesting comment...

You claim that the rich people promote class envy...yet you start by saying "you rich people." Look at any political campaign...who always brings up class envy? Democrats. Perfect example: McCain wanted to cut taxes for everyone, but Obama didn't. Class envy.

Furthermore, rich people don't "suppress" non-rich people...they hire them. Under Republican presidents, everyone gets richer (the amount of millionaires exploded under Bush's tax cuts). Sorry to drop some facts on you.

And if you want to be an honest leftist, check out the wealthiest people in Congress. The entire top ten are liberals. Hmmmmm...