Thursday, September 11, 2008

Terrorist Attacks, Seven Years Later

Has it really been seven years? I still remember the day - when I was sitting in an office building in the flight path of the Pittsburgh Airport. I remember scanning news sites around the globe because the Web sites of American media were being slammed by others looking for any bit of news. I remember the eerieness of an empty sky. Working next to the airport, there were always planes in the air, but at that time the sky was totally vacant. I remember coworkers crying or sitting in stunned disbelief.

I remember the seething anger. I remember a president, transformed by a single event. I remember a country that was unified for about a day or two - before liberals turned it into an opportunity to bash the president, the troops, and the country.

We call it "September 11" or "9-11" when we talk about it, but make no mistake, it's more than just a date. We were attacked by terrorists. Islamic terrorists. For political correctness, we don't even mention that. If we do, we strive to make sure that people know we are talking only about extreme radicals. Yet I remember the footage from the streets in the middle east. Men, women, and children were dancing, cheering, and handing out candies when they heard of the attack. We aren't talking about a few wackos when we say Islamic terrorists. We're talking about millions of muslims around the world and in our own country.

We are justified when we take a second look at the muslim in the airport, on the bus, or in the delivery van. We've seen the action and the reaction of the muslim population. We've also seen the inaction. We've heard about how most muslims love America, yet we've never seen the "Muslims for Peace" or "Muslims for America" rallies. When was the last time you saw a "Muslims for the Troops" rally?

Yes, there are lots of muslims - most of them American - who do love this country. There are many who serve in our communities and our military. That's a really good thing. But we cannot forget our enemy. And it isn't the granny in a wheelchair that's getting frisked at the airport.

Seven years later and we still haven't learned. We're looking for weapons so we don't upset anyone. Isralies look for terrorists. Huge difference. Perhaps we'll learn someday.

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