Friday, September 12, 2008

Tri-County Clears DEP Hurdle for Grove City Trash Mountain

Hat Tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):

Tri-County offered up a new plan to keep birds that could pose a danger to airplanes at the nearby Grove City Airport away from the trash being buried, DEP said in a news release.

That plan, which includes a professional bird watcher and fireworks, satisfied the agency’s objections to the company’s latest attempt to re-open the landfill in Liberty and Pine townships outside Grove City, DEP said.

The state’s decision doesn’t mean the landfill can re-open. It closes out the first phase of approval, the permit review, and allows Tri-County to seek a technical review of the landfill plan by DEP, the agency said.

I think everyone understands that garbage has to be placed somewhere. What I think is so confusing is why anyone would want to make a trash mountain so close to a town. Why would anyone want to place a trash mountain in an area that has become a tourist destination? Why would anyone want to place a trash mountain in the flight path of a growing airport?

We’ve worked very hard the last three years to build up Grove City Regional Airport. It may be small, but it receives thousands of flights per year. We receive propeller and jet aircraft and we are only expanding. We now have STATMedivac based there – and it has already become its busiest hub.

I’m skeptical of their plans to keep birds away from the mountain. The DEP may be satisfied, but I imagine the FAA may want to take a closer look.

A trash mountain simply isn’t good for our area. It’s terrible for tourism and it’s terrible for the health of the citizens as well as the safety of those who use our airport.

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Anonymous said...

During the Permit status meeting on 2-24-09, a physician brought up a very good point that was not addressed in the permit, that being airbourne toxins and pathogens released from the landfill to all downwind territory. And with the borough of Grove City being directly downwind, this risk SHOULD have been assessed. Why was it not further addressed in the meeting? IMO, this hazard is much more important to the short- and long-term health of the Township citizens than the airport/bird issue. IMO, this issue should bump the permit back to the first phase until this risk is assessed. Figuratively, the idea of a landfill so close to a community stinks! If this landfill is approved, it will literally stink!