Friday, October 31, 2008

Obamabot's Most Memorable Moment


How do you ever describe someone as dillusional as this woman? Clearly you can never reason with such a pro-messiah person.

Problem 1: She thinks seeing Obama is "the most memorable moment" of her life. She says this with her kid at her side! Thanks to my wife and kids, I can think of about one thousand things more memorable than meeting any of the politicians I've come across in my life. Egads.

Problem 2: She thinks she's not going to have to pay for gas in her car or pay her mortgage again? Just because Obama wins? Oh. My. Goodness. Who in the world put this in her head? Or did she formulate this on her own? And why is there anyone in the whole country who thinks it's the job of the government to provide these things? Was she ever taught about the Constitution in school?

Problem 3: Why does anyone think Obama will take care of them when he doesn't even bother to take care of his own family members?!? He has a brother in Africa who lives in a dirt-floor hut and earns less than $12 per year. He has an illegal alien aunt who lives in a slum in Boston. How hard would it be to take care of these family members - or at least give them a little bit of Obama's millions? But he wants to take other people's money and spread the wealth...

Do you need any more proof that you need to get out and vote for McCain, simply to keep Obama out of the White House?

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