Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grove City Borough Council Cuts Property Taxes 37.5%

Since the school board never will…

GC Council reduced borough property taxes from 4 mills to 2.5 mills at its December meeting. The cut coincides with an equivalent raise in the Local Services Tax (LST). The tax shift is budget neutral; however, most property owners in the borough will see an overall decrease in their taxation.

The raise in the LST is to recoup fees from citizens who work inside the borough and enjoy police and fire protection, yet contribute little or nothing to the services.

The tax shift is yet another action by the Council to a fee-based budget, which allows residents to determine their yearly payment for borough services.

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ELaj said...

As a conservative, and a Pennsylvanian, I have serious issues with the Local Services Tax (LST). It wasn't such an issue when it was $10 statewide, but when municipalities were allowed to choose to raise it to $52, then I have to call you to task. If I live in your Borough, and don't like when/how/where you are spending tax money, then I have a right to speak at your meetings, or vote you out of office. If I only work in your borough, but don't live there, then my rights are infringed. If I disagree with the purchase of new police cars or possible unnecessary fire equipment, I have no say. You can be proud to lower your resident's property taxes, but you shifted it to a majority of people who have no say (a vote) in your local elections. Taxation without representation comes to mind. I've always been very disappointed with conservatives who would impose this.