Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tri-County Industries' Trash Mountain Hearings Set to Begin

TCI's efforts to build a trash mountain have finally hit the local level. There are hearings before both Liberty and Pine Townships that will take place in the very near future. These hearings are regarding the zoning permits. All meetings are open to the public, so if you are opposed to the landfill, it is critical that you attend these meetings.

Liberty Township will be holding its meetings on January 6 and 12, 2011 at 6:00pm in the Grove City High School auditorium. All public stakeholders are welcome to speak.

Pine Township will be holding its hearing on multiple nights: January 11, 13, and 15, 2011. The meeting place has not been determined.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grove City BiLo is Officially Closed

Here's the deal...

Stick a fork in it - BiLo is done. The doors were closed today. The store was virtually empty at 9:00 this morning with only a skeleton crew running things.

Dave Knopp, Jr. will be running the show of the new store (Save-A-Lot) and will retain any employees that wish to stay on board.

The BiLo store will undergo extensive remodeling, reducing the size of the floor space to around 18,000 sq. ft. (basically the size of Aldi). This means that the bakery and the deli will be eliminated. RX Express will expand their store into that area.

Save-A-Lot will likely be continuing the delivery service to local shut-ins, which is a good thing.

Expect a grand opening in February or March.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grove City Borough Council Passes 2011 Balanced Budget - No Tax Hike!

For the 29th year in a row, the Borough Council of Grove City passed a balanced budget that requires no hike in property taxes! Millage will stay the same at 2.5 mills.

The overall budget increased slightly, primarily due to an increased expenditure in the borough infrastructure. The borough will be increasing its water supply operations in the park and increasing the voltage of the electrical system to keep up with modern demand.

Additionally, the newly refurbished wastewater treatment plant will receive a new employee and the police department will receive a new officer (eliminating the use of part-time officers).

The budget was put together by Borough Manager Vance Oakes and budget committee members Andrea Folkertsma, Michael Coulter, and yours truly.

Grove City BiLo Closing: Update 11/25

Here's another update to keep the rumor mill at bay...

BiLo is still slated to close on Saturday 11/27. They are likely to close earlier, as they are running out of inventory. Everything is 50% off.

The store will then close down and undergo extensive remodeling in order to turn it into a Save-A-Lot. It will reopen in February or March.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reflecting on the True Meaning of Thanksgiving

I last posted about Rush Limbaugh's Thanksgiving lesson in 2007, so it's time to bring it out again: Click Here

But why bring it out again? Because John Stossel of Fox News (formerly of ABC News) has written his own take - and it's basically the same message. Needless to say, it bears repeating, for the message is too important to let go in this period of American decline toward socialism and communism.

This is why our modern policies are doomed to fail:
Had today's political class been in power in 1623, tomorrow's holiday would have been called "Starvation Day" instead of Thanksgiving. Of course, most of us wouldn't be alive to celebrate it.

Every year around this time, schoolchildren are taught about that wonderful day when Pilgrims and Native Americans shared the fruits of the harvest. But the first Thanksgiving in 1623 almost didn't happen.

Long before the failure of modern socialism, the earliest European settlers gave us a dramatic demonstration of the fatal flaws of collectivism. Unfortunately, few Americans today know it.

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony organized their farm economy along communal lines. The goal was to share the work and produce equally.

That's why they nearly all starved.

When people can get the same return with less effort, most people make less effort. Plymouth settlers faked illness rather than working the common property. Some even stole, despite their Puritan convictions. Total production was too meager to support the population, and famine resulted. This went on for two years.

"So as it well appeared that famine must still ensue the next year also, if not some way prevented," wrote Gov. William Bradford in his diary. The colonists, he said, "began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could, and obtain a better crop than they had done, that they might not still thus languish in misery. At length after much debate of things, [I] [with the advice of the chiefest among them] gave way that they should set corn every man for his own particular, and in that regard trust to themselves. And so assigned to every family a parcel of land."

In other words, the people of Plymouth moved from socialism to private farming. The results were dramatic.

"This had very good success," Bradford wrote, "for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been. By this time harvest was come, and instead of famine, now God gave them plenty, and the face of things was changed, to the rejoicing of the hearts of many."

Because of the change, the first Thanksgiving could be held in November 1623.

What Plymouth suffered under communalism was what economists today call the tragedy of the commons. The problem has been known since ancient Greece. As Aristotle noted, "That which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it."

If individuals can take from a common pot regardless of how much they put in it, each person has an incentive to be a free-rider, to do as little as possible and take as much as possible because what one fails to take will be taken by someone else. Soon, the pot is empty.

What private property does -- as the Pilgrims discovered -- is connect effort to reward, creating an incentive for people to produce far more. Then, if there's a free market, people will trade their surpluses to others for the things they lack. Mutual exchange for mutual benefit makes the community richer.

Here's the biggest irony of all: The U.S. government has yet to apply the lesson to its first conquest, Native Americans.

The U.S. government has held most Indian land in trust since the 19th century. This discourages initiative and risk-taking because, among other reasons, it can't be used as collateral for loans.

On Indian reservations, "private land is 40 to 90 percent more productive than land owned through the Bureau of Indian Affairs," says economist Terry Anderson, executive director of PERC. "If you drive through western reservations, you will see on one side cultivated fields, irrigation, and on the other side, overgrazed pasture, run-down pastures and homes. One is a simple commons; the other side is private property. You have Indians on both sides. The important thing is someone owns one side."

Secure property rights are the key. When producers know their future products are safe from confiscation, they take risks and invest. But when they fear they will be deprived of the fruits of their labor, they will do as little as possible.

That's the lost lesson of Thanksgiving.

Do your family and friends a favor...spread the word.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA Outrage: Where are the Men? Where are the Parents?

Men: Why in the world would you let the women in your lives go through the unconstitutional TSA groping or porn-scan show? Is your wife or girlfriend worth so little to you that you'd submit her to that indignity? Are you just going to stand back as some pervert ogles her body via the scanner or gropes her in front of a line full of strangers?

Parents: Why would you let an adult fondle your child in the name of "security"? We tell our kids to "never let anyone touch you in your private parts" - and then you hold your kid steady so a government agent can run his or her hands all over their defenseless, little bodies. Shame on you!

STOP being controlled like sheep! Do you not care about your dignity? Do you not care about the dignity of your family? Do you not care about your Fourth Amendment rights being trampled? Will you be as silent when the government terminates the rest of your constitutional rights?

And where the heck are the liberals and the civil libertarians who couldn't wait to bash Bush over the Patriot Act (written by Joe Biden, by the way)? Where is your outrage? You sorry bunch of hypocrites!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grove City BiLo Market Sold: 11/18

It's official. Grove City BiLo has been sold to the Knopp family. Dave Knopp, Sr. owns County Market in Pine Township. Dave Knopp is also instrumental in the drive to keep the Wal-Mart Supercenter from being built in Springfield Township. It is understood that Dave Knopp, Jr. will be operating the store as a Save-A-Lot.

The store will be shuttered after the close of business on Saturday the 27th. The store will undergo a remodeling, with an projected opening in time for the Christmas shopping season.

All employees will be retained.

As of right now, general merchandise is 30% off. Health and beauty items are 50% off.

Starting Sunday the 21st, everything will be 50% until Saturday the 27th (unless they sell out of merchandise first).

For Thanksgiving, the store will be open until 1:00 on Wednesday and be closed on Thursday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grove City BiLo Closing: Update 11/16

BiLo has been here.

Here is the latest information from BiLo. These are NOT rumors - this is direct from BiLo.

- The store will definitely be open through next week, including Saturday the 27th. It is possible that the store could be open beyond the 27th, depending on the sale and the amount of inventory in the store.
- Everything is now 30% off; the store is still trying to sell down inventory to pave the way for the next owner.
- There is now a second buyer who is very interested. Both buyers have made offers that are under consideration.
- All employees who want to stay will get to stay, regardless of who buys the store.
- The purchase process is now in the hands of the lawyers, so the situation is very fluid.

As soon as the sale happens, I'll know immediately and will post it here. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Grove City BiLo Closing: Update

BiLo has been here.

UPDATE from 11/16. Click here.

Here is the latest info about Grove City BiLo closing (11/9):

First of all, please know that this information comes from BiLo - not from some rumor mill that claims to have a friend of a friend of a friend who "knows everything about it." The rumors going around at this point have crossed into ridiculous territory.

The store will be open at least to the 20th. It is likely to be open until Thanksgiving. If sold, the store will likely closed up to two weeks for a basic remodel.

All items are 20% off. They are trying to sell down inventory in case they close or if the new owner wants to carry different products.

The sale looks more "favorable" than "unfavorable" at the moment. The lease rate is the biggest stumbling block, but negotiation is still going on. The potential buyer does have a record of keeping the store employees, so that's certainly good news for the 29 people employed at BiLo.

As always, stay tuned...and please correct the rumors!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

PA-3: Mike Kelly Celebrates Win By Promoting Moderates

How's that "Mike Kelly is a conservative" talking point working for you?

Campaign Manager Josh Snyder will transition to serve as Kelly's Chief of Staff and will work out of Kelly's office in Washington, DC. Brad Moore, who served as Kelly's campaign spokesperson, will serve as Kelly's District Director and work out of the Erie office.

Snyder...was the Director of Public Liaison for former Congressman Phil English from 2001-2003 and served as the Executive Director for Senator Arlen Specter in both northwestern Pennsylvania and central Pennsylvania from 2006-2009.... Moore also served as the Director of Public Liaison for former Congressman English from 2003-2006.

This is the same idea of people saying "Obama isn't a socialist" even though he surrounds himself with socialists. Is Obama a socialist or totally ignorant of the ideologies of those around him? How about Mike Kelly?

Don't gets worse. Seriously.

Mike Kelly opened his mouth, but this time he did it AFTER it was safe. He offered the following statement:
I have an enormous amount of respect for the Members of Congress who have come before me in this district. Tom Ridge, Phil English and Congresswoman Dahlkemper have all done what they thought was in the best interest of this district. There is something to learn from each of them. I’d particularly like to thank Congresswoman Dahlkemper for her service the past two years.

Of course, it's good to be magnanimous and gracious in victory, but this is glorious gushing over the reason why PA-3 is in sad, sorry shape. Enormous respect? Something to learn from them? Ugh. How can anyone respect the sheer damage that Dahlkemper did to the region? And what about English? His RINO, self-serving behavior paved the way for Dahlkemper. And Ridge, especially as governor, was quite liberal and did enormous damage to the state.

But, hey...Mike Kelly has enormous respect for them!

Do you hear that sound? It's a big, fat "I told you so" coming...

Grove City BiLo Grocery Store Closing?

UPDATE from 11/16. Click here.

Here is the latest news (11/9/10): Click Here

Yes, the rumors are true...mostly.

There is sad news in town that BiLo is closing. BiLo is the only grocery store in Grove City borough. They've been around for a very long time. Lots of good stuff there, but still has a small-store feel. They deliver food to shut-ins all over the community.

BiLo has signs in their windows stating that they are open "Wed-Fri: 8-6." This, of course, implies they are closing Friday evening. However, a BiLo manager has told me that they are posting hours for employees through next week. The situation remains fluid, of course, so stay tuned.

Please keep in mind the 29 employees who face a very uncertain future. They were informed of the situation on Tuesday.

There is another semi-local company that is interested in buying out the Knouse family. This company has multiple stores in the area. Let's hope that the deal works out. It would be a shame to see so many people lose their jobs and to not have a grocery store in the borough.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Why Dahlkemper Lost

First of all, she shouldn't have won two years ago. The truth is that Phil English lost because he was a pork-loving, Washington establishment liar. He was the worst campaigner, focusing on trashing everyone. Finally, he burnt too many bridges. Kathy Dahlkemper simply had to smile and say conservative things. Boom. Victory.

Fast forward to 2010 and the region stood back and watched her self-destruct. We told her with a resounding "NO" that we didn't want government healthcare. She claimed she was pro-life and that she wouldn't vote for healthcare that funded abortion.

Then she voted for it. And we were watching. As usual, we needed to go to other sources for information. Heck, as recently as last week, the local media was lamenting that people didn't know anything about Mike Kelly and were simply voting against Dahlkemper. Well, duh!

As I have said before, either Dahlkemper is a horrible liar or has no idea about the function of politics. It is totally proven that Obamacare funds abortion. And Dahlkemper denies it! Now I've come to the conclusion that she's a horrible liar or totally delusional.

We all came to that conclusion. We don't like liars. And when caught, we hate when liars keep lying and scolding us for noticing the lies.

Goodbye, Kathy. Enjoy retirement. Good luck trying to run your small business in the America that you, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have created.

Hey, Mike Kelly: We're watching you, too...

We'll see.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2010 Election Results Coming In...

Fox News has called the governor's race for Corbett and the PA-3 race for Kelly.

Fox has called the US Senate race for Toomey.

Bob Robbins slaughters Roberta Biros.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Mercer County, Pennsylvania Election Results: 2010 General Election

As always, here are the places to get your election results for Mercer County and Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

Mercer County election results by race

Mercer County election results by precinct

Pennsylvania election results

Feel free to pass this page to your friends!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

That’s Rich Conservative Voter’s Guide – 2010 General Election Edition

It’s that time again! The silly season is upon us and it’s important to exercise our civic duty and vote. We’ve seen and heard all of the crazy campaign propaganda and it’s time to make some choices. As always, feel free to disagree. I’m not your father…do your own research and make an informed decision. So let’s dig in, shall we?

US Senator from PA: Sestak vs. Toomey

Joe Sestak (D) is further to the left than Nancy Pelosi. Seriously. Do I need to say more? He’s pro-bailout, pro-stimulus, pro-government healthcare. He was involved in that scandal about Obama buying him out of the primary against Specter. Bill Clinton came to the rescue and the media ignored the story. Sestak is everything that's wrong with politics, unless you're from Chicago.

Pat Toomey (R) is the new darling of the PAGOP establishment…because there is no one else. In 2004, he was the conservative powerhouse that almost defeated Specter. The GOP establishment (including Bush and Santorum) rode in and save Specter and threw the conservatives under the bus (one major reason why Santorum is unemployed). Toomey’s response? Move to the center for 2010! Ugh. He endorsed Sotamayor to the Supreme Court. He has waffled on the pro-life issue. He is fiscally conservative, but he’s definitely not the guy from 2004. I was proud to vote for that guy. The “new” Toomey? Not so much…

Lesser of two evils: Toomey isn’t great, but he’s absolutely far better than Sestak. If this was 2004, I’d be ticked at Toomey. But this is 2010 and we need to wrestle back the US Senate. Toomey isn’t really “evil” but he’s the lesser of two evils in this race.

PA-3 US Congress: Dahlkemper vs. Kelly

Kathy Dahlkemper (D) ousted Phil English by claiming to be a conservative Democrat. She’s either not smart enough to know what it means to be a conservative Democrat or she was flat-out lying. She votes with Nancy Pelosi nearly all of the time. That makes her appear to be a socialist. Then she voted for government healthcare. That makes her a socialist. She sold out her pro-life claims and publicly funded abortions, even though she still thinks she hasn’t (although it is easily provable that she has). She thinks tax dollars belongs to the government, not the people – her latest desperation ad lays that out.

Mike Kelly (R) is the establishment wannabe in this year’s election. He tells one crowd that he’s a conservative and another that he has a moderate platform. He has donated money AGAINST conservative candidates. He has no political instincts, so he surrounded himself with the worst political hacks money can buy, including RINO hit-squad flackies from the English, Ridge, and Specter campaigns. He ran a muckraking primary campaign and 72% of the voters opposed him. He compared himself to Reagan, Bush, AND McCain…if that’s even possible. He’s up big in the polls so he doesn’t have to repeat his mistakes. He just has to keep his temper to himself and keep his mouth shut and he wins by ten points.

Suggestion: Write-in your favorite from the primary. At least you can say you voted for a conservative and kept your principles.

PA Governor: Onorato vs. Corbett

Dan Onorato (D) is Ed Rendell II. Yeah, it’s that simple. Dan is known for being a shoe-shine boy for the unions and there isn’t a tax that Dan won’t hike. He’s liberal to the core and he’ll forever be known for his “tunnel to nowhere” that was supposed to connect downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore. Surprise! It’s way over budget. Shocking. Dan is anti-gun, too. He just said he’d oppose “castle doctrine” which means he’s opposed to you protecting yourself. Cornered in an alley? Don’t ask Dan for help…

Tom Corbett (R) is Tom Ridge II. Yeah, it’s that simple. There’s no one in all of Pennsylvania that is more “establishment politician” than Corbett. He is fully in the pocket of Rob Gleason and the corrupt PAGOP. You don’t want to get in between Tom and a camera. He’s always running in front of the cameras for some pet project or high-profile bust. He’s been campaigning for governor for years. He has done a lot to get handgun carry reciprocity set up between many states, but he has sat back and watched many municipalities pass illegal gun laws. Sure, he can’t stop them, but he wasn’t rushing in front of the camera to use his bully pulpit to point out the abuse of the PA Constitution. He has also slept as the PA State Police built an illegal handgun database. On top of all of that mess, he has subpoenaed bloggers who dared criticize him. Nice. Who needs that pesky First Amendment, anyway?

Lesser of two evils: Plug your nose, grab the barf bag, and consider voting for Corbett. We can’t survive eight more years of Rendell. If you can’t do it (believe me, it’s hard), write in Sam Rohrer. Corbett is up big and probably will win without you, but you can send a message.

PA-8 PA House: Stevenson

Dick Stevenson (R) is running unopposed yet again – and for good reason: he’s a great conservative legislator. He’s the guy we love to see in office. He drives to Harrisburg, casts his vote, and gets the heck out of town. Heck, he even mows his own yard. I should know – he’s my neighbor, which makes him my legislator AND my constituent at the same time. Weird. He’s not without fault – his Liberty Index score took a big dive this year. But that’s simply a fluke, as he’s always near the top every year. Count on it going back up in 2011. If it stays down, then the red flags start flying…

Suggestion: Stevenson

PA-50 State Senate: Robbins vs. Robbins vs. Biros

Bob Robbins (R) has one of the worst records of all Republicans when it comes to preserving liberty. His Liberty Index score is continually in the lowest bracket. His latest grade is an F-minus. How’s that possible? You’d have to ask Robbins. Sure, he’s pro-life and pro-veteran, but every Republican SHOULD be. Robbins also was part of that infamous midnight pay raise…the “payjacking of 2005.” Add in the abuse of perks and it’s time for Robbins to go. On top of that…

Bob Robbins (D) has severe lust-of-power issues. He simply doesn’t want to run honestly, so he worked with the local Democrat party to ensure a spot on both sides of the ballot. Classy. Aren’t you hard-working Dems tired of business-as-usual yet? Robbins votes like a typical Reagan Democrat, so maybe he is your guy after all.

Roberta Biros (I) is an odd bird. She didn’t like being a Republican, so she became a Democrat. She got trounced while running for county treasurer and it was obvious that both parties conspired against her, so she became an independent. To each, their own...but she’s not without substantive issues, either. I caught her flat-out lying to my face and she was classy enough to trash me (and my writing) on her blog – but at least she lied to my face BEFORE being elected and stabbed me in the front instead of the back, right? (No, I’m not getting into the background issues now.) She is good at research, but has terrible political instincts (as far as I know, she still thinks that the Mike Kelly “tea party” was real). But, hey, aside from that trainwreck, she’s still a fiscal conservative, which is light years beyond Robbins. And if she embarrasses us, we can oust her next time around pretty easily.

Lesser of two (three?) evils: Consider voting for Biros. Robbins simply has to go. His abuse of his position and lust for power are disgusting and should make every Republican and Democrat furious. Surely he has some children or grandchildren that he can visit.

Vote early and vote often…just like the Democrats! (yes, I'm joking)

Monday, October 25, 2010

PA-3: Dahlkemper Down in Polls, Produces Desperation Ads

Egads. Either Dahlkemper is a terrible liar in her ads or she's a terrible liar about being a conservative Democrat.

I just saw an ad that said Mike Kelly's desire to extend the Bush Tax Cuts would cost middle-class taxpayers something like $750 million. Or was it billion? I can't recall...but the point is that Kathy is either lying or she's a full-blown socialist.

Tax money belongs to the TAX PAYER, Kathy! It doesn't belong to the government! If you return money to the tax payer, the tax payer wins. Tax cuts do not cost anything.

Learn some history. Tax cuts have ALWAYS resulted in greater income to the Treasury. That's why the GOP lost Congress. They took that money and spent it, so the voters turned them out. Of course, the the Dems spent that money and a ton more, driving the country way into debt.

And that is Dahlkemper's legacy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

PA-50: Bob Robbins for Senate Endorsed by Hard-Core Leftists?

Our very own liberal Republican has racked up some "impressive" sympathizers:

- Sierra Club
- Planned Parenthood

Liberals, socialists, communists, baby killers, child indoctrinators, job killers, ecoterrorists...and they all appear to love State Senator Bob Robbins.

Ever wonder why? You better do some serious thinking before going into that voting booth.

Compliments of PA Progressive Voter's Guide.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Grove City Borough Enacts Leash Law

Does your dog run free in the borough? If so, prepare for a change...Grove City Borough Council has enacted a leash law.

Frankly, there have been waaaaaay too many problems with dogs running amok, particularly at Hunter Farm Park. Too many people have the idea that just because it's an open area, they are free to let their dogs run anywhere they want, poop wherever they want, and unfortunately, bite anyone they want. On top of that, the owners have been letting their dogs block the trail and intimidate children, joggers, and cyclists.

I know, I know...not your dog.

Nonetheless, the lack of control has resulted in the new ordinance. Please leash your dog.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Liberty Index Released

...and it ain't pretty.

According to creator Bob Guzzardi,
The purpose of the Liberty Index is to allow the user to find out how his or her Senator and Representative voted and to give the user our evaluation of his or her performance. Because the Liberty Index advances an agenda of Limited Government and Economic Freedom, we have rated legislation whether or not it advances that goal.
So, how does it work? Basically,
The Index reviews each piece of legislation enacted into law or vetoed by Governor, going back to 2003, and gives each a ranking 0-1-2-3 - representing whether legislation advances or restrains liberty and then compiles into a score for each legislator and the Governor for each year.
As for my legislators, the House results were surprising, while the Senate results were more of the same.

After a decade of strong, conservative results, Dick Stevenson dropped to a "C" rating. This surprised me, as Rep. Stevenson is usually quite reliable. We'll see how next year turns out...

For Bob Robbins, the motto seems to be "If you aren't awful at something, TRY HARDER!" Sen. Robbins managed to drop a whopping 21 points and scored a beyond-dreadful "F-" rating. How do you score below "F"? Well, now that State Senator Bob Robbins is a Democrat, I suppose he's doing his best to fit in with the party.

Outside of my district, well, it's no shock that Daryl Metcalfe continues to be the bright spot in all of Harrisburg when it comes to defending liberty and constitutional values. The good news is that he wasn't all alone on the top of the leader board this year! Fourteen house reps received an "A" grade (A+, A, A-). These are the people who deserve your praise and support each time they are under attack by RINOs and socialists.

The complete Liberty Index can be found here.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Senator Robbins' Bold BBQ

According to The Herald (Sharon, PA), State Senator Bob Robbins held a BBQ to host "the GOP headliners for the heavyweight bouts to be fought in November for governor and Congress."

How uninspiring. This GOP BBQ is SOL.

First of all, you have Robbins, the Senator Who Will Not Go Away. His disgusting lust for power drove him to be a Democrat for this election, too. He's a RINO of the highest order. Sure, he's pro-Veteran and pro-life, but he'll spend boatloads of your tax dollars on the most blatantly unconstitutional projects.

Then you have Mike Kelly, who by the way, played football at Notre Dame, "running" for the PA-3 congressional seat. I put "running" in quotes because he disappeared for several weeks after the primary. There's a rumor that he's running, but no one has seen him lately...except at GOP-controlled events where he has been demanding that people vote for him. Stay classy, Mike. And he still hasn't reached out to his primary opponents, as he claimed he was after the primary. There's still the whole "Hey, Erie...I'm a moderate!" fiasco that he can't explain away.

Of course, Tom Corbett would be in attendance. He seems to be a easy-win for the guv race, but that doesn't mean he's a great candidate. He's been asleep at the wheel as attorney general while rogue municipalities across the state willfully violate PA law by creating patchwork gun laws. He also subpoenaed bloggers who were critical of his job performance. He has ignored blatant petition fraud by Republicans (Mauree Gingrich) and fully prosecuted petition fraud by Democrats (Linda Bebko-Jones).

No word if Robbins will be hosting a BBQ for his fellow Democrats...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

PA-3: Kathy Dahlkemper "Discovers" Stimulus Money

For months we have heard how the stimulus money was sitting in Washington DC instead of going into projects. Anyone who has a slight bit of political intuition has known that this cash was basically a "Re-elect Democrats" war chest that was on reserve until election time.

Well, the cash is starting to flow.

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):
The federal tap continues to pour money on LindenPointe with the awarding of a $100,000 grant for testing equipment in the tech center under construction there.

U.S. Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, D-3rd District, Erie, presented a ceremonial check Tuesday from the Appalachian Regional Commission, an arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce, to city officials.
Dahlkemper started this election season as one of the top three Democrats most likely to lose. Needless to say, we're going to see lots of face time (and boatloads of cash) show up in the PA-3 region in the next few months.

Don't be fooled by it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

PA-3: The GOP Tactic is Negative, Negative, Negative

This is mind boggling.

There's an interesting trend going on in chat rooms, message boards, and forums. If you dare question Mike Kelly, someone magically shows up and bashes you. They don't address your comments. They don't tell you why/how you are incorrect. They don't tell you how awesome Kelly is.

They bash you. Over and over.

Sound familiar? It should. Mike Kelly ran his primary campaign in the same way. Now he has Phil English's folks behind the wheel - and the "bash" method was Phil's craft. Every time he bashed his opponent, he kept losing supporters. What a shock! How many people do you know who are attracted to negative people?

And then the Dems ran Kathy Dahlkemper and English's campaign style earned him a trip to the unemployment line.

Now we have Mike Kelly and his crew doing the exact thing. Mind boggling. Doesn't anyone study history anymore? Someone seems doomed to repeat some mistakes...

Friday, July 09, 2010

PA-3: Is the GOP Trying to Lose on Purpose?

I just don't understand why the PA-3 race is being run so poorly.

Mike Kelly's website events page is blank:

Mike Kelly's Twitter feed is virtually dead:

Mike Kelly's Facebook page was virtually dead until a week ago (about when I pointed out to someone on that it was dead):!/Mi...

Mike Kelly has been MIA since the primaries. It sure doesn't seem like he's working hard. And the rank-and-file GOP isn't remotely close to being unified behind him. Especially now that Kelly has hired former English/Specter/Ridge lapdog Josh Snyder as his new campaign manager. Woohoo! Bring in the RINO lovers! The last I checked, English lost to why bring in the same "winning" team? Are they even trying to win in PA-3?

And to top it off, Kelly told his Butler supporters that he's a conservative. But he told his Erie supporters that they'd support his "moderate platform." What a shock...a lying politician. Which Mike Kelly do you believe? The guy who says he's a conservative but acts like a RINO? Or the guy who says he's a moderate and acts like a RINO?

Perhaps one reason why Kelly is behind on money is because he picked the worst campaign team that convinced him to blow $350K on negative ads? The same ads that ticked off people across the entire district? I worked the polls all day and heard scores of comments about how they "couldn't support a guy who wastes so much money" or "hassles people in their homes by burying them in ads."

A whopping 72% of PA-3 GOP voters voted against Kelly. And Kelly has claimed that he was going to reach out to the other candidates to get everyone on board. I know candidates that are still waiting for that call. Another Mike Kelly lie? It's clearly not a good way to rally the troops...and further shows how the GOP is trying to lose.

The GOP party bosses wanted their candidate...and they got him! They prefer losing with their boy instead of winning with a conservative. Their wish is about to come true.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independence Day 2010: Some Random Thoughts

After the beautiful Grove City fireworks display, I find myself thinking...

- Do the people watching fireworks displays across the country know why they are watching fireworks displays? Is it just a custom? Or are they fully aware that Independence Day is the name of the holiday, not "4th of July"? Do they look on with reverence, imagining the barrage of Fort McHenry during the war of 1812, which inspired Francis Scott Key? Do they think of the men and women who have fought and died to secure this country and its liberty?

- The left freaked out about George W. Bush supposedly eroding liberty, yet they are absolutely silent as Barack H. Obama actually does it. Are these people so bitterly partisan that they can't see the destruction of America within? Or maybe they are rooting for it. Or maybe they are secretly wishing that Clinton was back in office. At least Bill understood that the people are right most of the time. Obama simply doesn't care when it comes to his promise to transform America. The problem with the leftists and the sheep is that they never stopped to ask "Transform America into what?" Ah, Bill Clinton...where are you? Heck, even Jimmy Carter was better than what we have now. And that's terribly sad.

- When was the last time you thanked a veteran for his or her service? Patriotic holidays are nice reminders to do so, but don't forget about the hundreds of other days throughout the year! You don't need to make a big production out of it. Chances are, he/she will be humble about it, anyway. But take the time to say "thanks for serving" the next time you see a young man or woman in the uniform, or a veteran with a hat, patch, or shirt that notes his/her service.

- Finally, when I think about Independence Day, I recall history and the efforts of a handful of men crafting the Declaration of Independence - and using it as a clarion call across an ocean that tyranny is no longer accepted. As I type tonight, I also think about personal independence. It is quite necessary to have family and friends in your community, but America is great because individuals choose to step forward and do incredible things. You can't do incredible things if you are shackled by burdens, whether it be the government, poor decision making, bad finances, or the like. I've made plenty of mistakes and I use them as guideposts for what not to do. I'll continue making them, as I am human. But I encourage you to look past your mistakes, grab onto what is good instead of focusing on the negatives, and take a bold step to better your community.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robbins' Lust for Power Costs $43,000

According to The Herald (Sharon, PA), State Senator Bob Robbins plopped down $43,000 to capture the Democratic side of the ticket this fall.

Campaign filings for state Sen. Robert D. Robbins, Salem Township, R-50th District, say he spent $43,146 on L.N. Consulting, Harrisburg, who Robbins said helped piece together four mailers, a “robo-call,” and yard signs that urged Democrats to write him in on their side of the ballot.

It's a mind-boggling number for a couple reasons:
- It's about half the salary of his job. Something must have told him that May was a great month to blow a lot of money because...
- He was unopposed! He had no one on the GOP or the Dem side, so for some reason, he felt the need to become an honorary Democrat.

Was he afraid of some independent challenger to come along? Was he afraid of some Democrat write-in strategy? (Keep in mind, his foolish efforts brought two Dems out of the woodwork to challenge his primary efforts.)

Now Robbins has done the incredible: he has willingly and intentionally painted himself as a selfish, power-lusting politician. Instead of cruising to yet another victory, he has made himself look like the worst sort of person - the very embodiment of why people HATE politics.

Now the table is set for an independent challenger to ride the wave of discontent against Robbins. As of right now, the only person of whom I know that is running is Roberta Biros. You may recall that she is the woman who was a Republican a couple years ago, was blown off by the Robbins-Richardson-led Mercer County GOP, switched to the Democrat side to run against Ginny Richardson, got totally trounced, then vowed to go after everyone on her blog. Well, now she's an independent and running against Robbins.

I suppose we'll see how this election shapes up this political season...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill

- Why is it that Obama can't bring himself to show any respect or call any attention to the rig workers who died? He mentioned them in passing and that's it.

- This nightmare spill is gushing out of control because of liberals in Congress and environmentalists. There is no sane reason that oil rigs should be pushed so far off the coast that they have to go through a mile of water before they start drilling. If they could drill closer to the shore, they'd only need to go through a few hundred feet of water. Capping this leak would have been done in the first week. Regulations to "save the environment" are killing it instead. What a surprise...

- Anyone who thinks the government should step in and take control is a fool. The government does not have the resources, ability, intellectual understanding, or motivation to stop this spill. BP has all of those. Does anyone think that BP enjoys losing millions of dollars or being the punching bag of the world? If anyone can stop the spill, it's BP.

- If you are wondering why Obama has been slow to respond, just ask yourself about the financial and political implications of the spill and response. Who received the most money from BP during the last election cycle? Barack Obama! He isn't going to beat them up too badly because he's addicted to its cash. Does talking about the oil spill help Obama further his push of communism? Heck, no! He just needs to sit back, watch BP struggle, then push for sweeping changes for oil companies. Heck, he may even go as far as Hugo Chavez and try to nationalize some or all of the oil companies. Crazy? Ask yourself who owns many of the banks and car companies...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

PA-50: State Senator Bob Robbins is now a Democrat

Be sure to check out the 2010 Voter's Guide! ~Rich

The lust for power has no bounds.

State Senator Bob Robbins (R-50), in an attempt to avoid any challengers, ran a write-in campaign to appear on the Democrat ticket for November's general election. He sent out a mailer encouraging the support of local Dems and even had signs made to put at polling locations.

This action enraged many local Dems and drove two to launch their own write-in campaigns. But since Robbins appeared to have the support of Mercer County Democrat Chair Robert Lark, it appears he has been successful.

This fall, voters in the 50th district will have two choices: Republican Bob Robbins and Democrat Bob Robbins. The filing deadline for independent candidates is still months away, so we'll see if anyone is able to obtain the proper amount of valid signatures.

Have you ever seen such a gross display of the lust for power? Does this man have no shame? Is he unable to stand on his record against any competitors that he has to hold both sides of the ticket to ensure his re-election?

And he spent $43,000 to do it!

Bob Robbins has to go. He is now the localized version of Arlen Specter. Actually, he's worse. At least Specter picked one side. We can only hope a competent challenger arises in time for the fall.

Finally, Mercer County GOP chair David King and Democrat chair Robert Lark should resign for this disgusting fiasco.

Ultimately - and perhaps more disgustingly - one has to wonder why an aging guy like Robbins wants to cling so bitterly to power. Some of my conservative friends and I have been speculating for months that Robbins simply isn't interested in serving out his term. He'll get re-elected then retire at some point in his term. At that point, Representative Michele Brooks will be conveniently placed in his seat. Sounds familiar? Well, that's how she got her seat when Rep. Rod Wilt abruptly retired.

What about Brooks' seat? Well, the Bob Robbins/Ginny Richardson protege Brian Shipley will be moved into the seat. Who is Shipley? Well, he was a very young Mercer County Commissioner until he used a county credit card for porn, prostitutes, and hotel rooms (and I've been told much, MUCH worse). He disappeared for quite a while and eventually turned up as a Greenville councilman. Low and behold (and with the Robbins/Richardson influence) he's now the council president! And everyone knows he'd never survive a primary for a state rep seat, let alone a general, so why not give him the power of incumbency?!?

If you aren't sick yet, you aren't paying attention...

Friday, May 21, 2010

PA-3: Mike Kelly for Congress wants to unite the GOP

That's what The Herald (Sharon, PA) is claiming in a headline.

I'm not sure how he's going to do that after the sheer damage he and Paul Huber did to their own reputations. After talking with hundreds of GOP members in the last several weeks, I've decided to help out Mike Kelly. Why not? All is fair in love and politics, right?

Here are my suggestions free of charge!

- Tell the truth. Simple, right? Sadly it has eluded you. Are you a moderate, like you told the people in Erie? Or are you a conservative, like you told the people in Butler? Which is it?

- Stop all of the mud slinging. Pointing out records is one thing, but slinging mud turns off lots of voters.

- Stop the daily mailers. You want to be fiscally responsible by wasting resources? Huh? I heard TONS of people make comments like that.

- Kick the establishment to the curb. They control you, Mike. You may not want to admit it, but they own you. There are a lot more voters than there are party hacks. But you must love being coddled and wooed by the party hacks. Try to be your own man for once.

- Kick the Harrisburg and DC consultants to the curb. They love how you throw piles of cash at them...and that's the only reason why they love you. But they are killing your image. It seems obvious to everyone but you: PA-3 is NOT Harrisburg or DC.

- Figure out a better answer to the Cash for Clunkers albatross around your neck. Your lust of money has caused you to say some stupid things about this issue. Maybe you should just be honest about it and hope it goes away...

- Control your temper. You come across as an angry old man. You have been a bully and people hate bullies. I would suggest finding a way to have a servant's heart.

- Do NOT stage any more phony events. That "tea party" you staged in Butler was a sham. Just because you tricked (or bribed) a couple candidates to fall for it, doesn't mean that people bought it. I think three people total believed it was real. A simple investigation revealed it was set up for YOU. Absolutely shameful.

There you go. And it didn't cost you $20,000 in "consultant" fees. Feel free to use all of them. Or you can ignore it and keep doing what you are doing...and lose by 20 points in November. 72% of PA-3 GOP voted against you. 46% of PA-3 voted for a conservative and against establishment politics. The message boards are chattering about write-in drives. A libertarian is entering the race, which will draw conservatives. If you want to attract them to your camp, you might want to consider your options.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PA-3: Clayton Grabb Finishes Strong, Conservatives Reject GOP, Mike Kelly Problems Ahead

Team Grabb Finishes Strong

What a ride! It was so much fun being part of a congressional campaign, even if we came up short. While many sit on the sidelines and complain, a few do get off their rear ends and try to make a difference. Clayton Grabb and his supporters had limited resources, but they worked to inform voters about the conservative message. Clayton finished third with no support from the party! Clayton received the most votes per dollar spent. It was an awesome achievement that shows the power of grassroots campaigning.

I met a ton of great people - from full-bore supporters to average voters who want a change in Washington and in the GOP. These folks were Clayton's family, friends, neighbors, and lots of total strangers who simply came together and rallied around the flag of conservatism. And it was truly awesome to see! I met a lot of people who are charged up and ready to get involved any way they can.

And even in defeat, they were gracious. There wasn't any wailing or gnashing of teeth. Of course they were saddened and frustrated by the loss, but that quickly turned into an attitude of "What can we do next?" These people aren't going back to the sidelines. They're anxious for the next chance to make a difference. It was a special thing to see.

GOP Party Bosses Rejoice

From the beginning, everyone knew that Mike Kelly had to be persuaded to run. But the GOP establishment finally got their man! They hired overpriced consultants to throw mud everywhere they could. The "neutral" GOP party bosses tried holding "Mike Kelly Forums" in most of the counties, but when the word got out, they were forced to bring in the other candidates. But they still endorsed Kelly during the events by many slips of the tongue.

They even staged a fake "tea party" at Kelly's dealership to make him seem conservative (yes, Kelly campaign, pretty much everyone knows you staged it). My own research was confirmed yesterday by an insider who said it was organized specifically around Kelly, and they didn't even consider inviting others until they were advised by the insider that they'd have to.

So after all the mud, after all the not-so-secret deals, after all the staged events, and after a boatload of cash changed hands, Kelly won! GOP bosses rejoice!

GOP Establishment Problem

A whopping 46% of voters voted against the two "front runners" in the race. This is because people wanted a conservative (but the votes were split), because they were sick of the negative ads, and because they didn't want to be told by the GOP establishment for whom to vote. Even worse, 72% of the voters in PA-3 didn't want what Mike Kelly had to offer. Ouch.

And the establishment didn't just sit on their hands for this election, they flat-out worked against the conservatives, as outlined above.

Now the establishment has a problem. They ticked off a lot of people. But they don't call the GOP "The Stupid Party" for nothing! Someone forgot to remind them that two years ago, we showed Phil English the door for being a party-pushed RINO hack. Now we have Phil English II. But for some twisted reason, the establishment is probably thinking that we'll fall in line and vote for PE2 just to get rid of Dahlkemper. Hey, guys...we didn't the first time!

Dahlkemper has an easy campaign ahead of her. While discussing the experiences at the polls, so many of the volunteers were commenting about how people were proclaiming that they'd vote for ANYONE but Kelly or Huber. They didn't like the message OR the messenger. And Kelly has a history of bullying people and blowing his stack. Dahlkemper simply has to push one of Kelly's many hot buttons during a debate. Dahlkemper should only pay her consultant minimum wage because beating Kelly will be so easy.

So the GOP party bosses got what they wanted. And now they get to work on repairing what they did. Don't fall for it. If Kelly is going to earn your vote, make him work for it. Make him PROVE that he's sorry for running such an awful campaign. Make him PROVE that he isn't controlled by the GOP establishment. Make him PROVE that he's going to become a conservative. Remember, this is the guy who said during an Erie interview that his "moderate platform" will attract voters. 72% of the voters weren't attracted. Egads!

As of today, the GOP in PA-3 has shown that they don't want or care about the conservative vote. They want control. Don't give it to them. Make them beg you for it.

72% of the voters can't be wrong.

Monday, May 17, 2010

PA-3: Clayton Grabb endorsed by Firearms Owners Against Crime

Pennsylvania's largest pro-gun political action committee has endorsed Clayton Grabb for the PA-3 congressional race!

FOAC is absolutely committed to defending the Second Amendment, so you can be sure that the members did their homework before endorsing Clayton.

If the Second Amendment is important to you, vote Grabb!

PA-3: Clayton Grabb endorsed by Pennsylvania Republican Leadership Council

The "Conservative Wing of the Republican Party" has endorsed Clayton Grabb for the PA-3 congressional primary!

Franz, Moore, Fisher, Kelly, and Huber supporters: if you are looking for a conservative voice in Congress, Grabb is your guy!

Mercer County and Pennsylvania 2010 Primary Election Results

Here are the links to see the election results as they come in. As always, thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

Mercer County Results by Race

Mercer County Results by Precinct

Pennsylvania Statewide Results

PA Voter's Guide, Final Edition for Primary 2010

Here's your That's Rich list of recommendations for the 2010 Primary. These are the conservative candidates to help take back America. Most of these are centered around PA-3 and Mercer County, so if you don't live in either, do some homework before voting! The important thing is to flee from anyone endorsed by the GOP party hacks. The last thing we need are more establishment RINOs that put us in such a bad mess that we got Obama. Enjoy!

Governor: Sam Rohrer
Lt. Governor: Daryl Metcalfe
PA-3 Congress: Clayton Grabb
PA-4 Congress: Keith Rothfus
US Senate: Peg Luksik
State-8 House: Dick Stevenson
State-50 Senate: Write-in
GOP State Committee: Scott Boyd ONLY
Committeeman/woman: Write-ins

Ed Franz for Congress Supporters: Gut Check Time

I know lots of Franz supporters. They like Ed - and for good reason. He's a good guy with some good ideas and a passion to see things get fixed in Washington.

The political reality is that his campaign is stalling out. There is none of that magical "buzz" around PA-3 over Franz. His electronic presence was stagnant until a flurry of self-driven activity in the last couple days. I've seen Franz signs disappear from yards (not intersections), which is never a good sign. Granted, they may have been stolen, but other signs seem to be remaining in yards.

The truth be told, only one of the conservatives running has that "buzz" going into the home stretch. That would be Clayton Grabb. He has been gaining lots of supporters in person and online over the past several weeks. None of it is manufactured by the GOP party bosses, either. Clayton has been crisscrossing the district and his motivated grassroots supporters have been knocking on thousands of doors. And his positive, pro-America, pro-Constitution message has been attracting people who haven't been politically active before.

Ed Franz for Congress supporters: It really is gut check time. Do you want a conservative candidate for Pennsylvania? I know you want to support Franz, but it's time to dig down deep and accept that he's not going to win, and every vote that goes to him further enhances the chances of Kelly and Huber. And who wants that to happen?

We already know that Kelly is counting on Franz and Fisher voters to siphon away enough conservative voters from Huber to torpedo Huber and keep Grabb at bay. The Steven Fisher for Congress campaign and the Dr. Martha Moore for Congress campaign are even worse off than the Franz campaign. But every vote does Kelly's favor.

Take a moment and check out Clayton Grabb. He's a conservative. You'll be impressed. You'll be proud of him. You'll be glad to support him.

And finally, Ed Franz has said on multiple occasions that if he wasn't running, he'd support Clayton.

Do you want a conservative or do you want a RINO? It's gut check time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

PA-3: Which Conservative Candidate Can Win?

...and I'm not talking about Kelly or Huber. Both have proven themselves to be RINOs at best and dirty politicians at worst. Both have shown incredible weaknesses that will easily be exploited by Dahlkemper and her liberal hit squad. If either candidate wins the primary, Dahlkemper wins in the fall.

So, how should a conservative vote this Tuesday? Let's look at some political reality:

Martha Moore - Her campaign appears to be non-existent. She doesn't seem to be on message when out of her element. She has no electronic presence, which is crucial in 2010. She's a nice person, but that simply isn't enough to get out a message across a large district.

Steve Fisher - He has a campaign that is based close to home. It certainly doesn't span the district. This will simply guarantee that he won't pull enough votes. His electronic presence is absolutely minimal.

Ed Franz - One of the nicest guys out there, but again, it isn't enough. He has pockets of good campaign staff, but they simply have been underused. His electronic presence started well, but has been stalled for a long time. I don't know if he abandoned it or if his campaign stalled, too. He started out with a load of energy, but has lost his "buzz."

Clayton Grabb - He started with a small, meek campaign. He was "Clayton Who?" for quite a while. Then he showed up at the forums and people were drawn to his message. He slowly built an electronic presence then began to personally blanket the entire district holding his own town hall events. His message hasn't changed and his followers have only gotten more loyal and willing to spread the message.

Clayton Grabb is hitting his stride. The other candidates aren't. Conservatives can vote for Moore, Fisher, or Franz, but they aren't going to win. No objective, statistical breakdown will give them a chance at winning. The more conservatives that vote for them will increase the odds of Kelly or Huber winning. And what conservative wants that?

Conservatives of PA-3: Please support Grabb. His views are very similar to those of Moore, Fisher, and Franz. The big difference is that he has a strong chance of winning. He has incredible grassroots support across the entire district. He will make you proud by staying true to his roots - and he doesn't have the baggage that Huber and Kelly have.

To guarantee a conservative win, vote for Grabb.

Friday, May 14, 2010

PA-3: Why Sling Mud When You Can Sling Cow Pies?

The absolute silliness of the Kelly-Huber continues! I guess both thought they should "cowboy up" and try to out-man each other by fighting about who has spent more time with cows. Seriously.

Hat tip to
“Unlike Paul, I grew up on a farm,” Kelly said during the debate at Allegheny College.

In reality, both of them grew up on farms—just different kinds of farms. But that didn’t stop each of them from taking shots at their opponent’s farming bona fides.

In Erie, Huber made sure a reporter understand that his reference at the debate to an “82-pound cow” indicated how much milk it produces, not how much it weights.

“I would wager that most of [my opponents] wouldn’t know what that remark was about unless you explained it to them,” Huber said in Erie. “I can speak the language of this district.

“Not having a farming background makes it tough to understand these issues,” Huber added. “I will bet you a dollar to the doughnut that Mike Kelly has never milked a cow.”

Asked if he has, Huber quickly responded, “You’re damn right. More than once.”

Later, while waiting for a campaign event to start in Parker, Kelly joked that Huber “can keep his dollar.”

“We didn’t have dairy cattle,” Kelly said. “We had beef cattle. You don’t want to milk them. He can keep the money, I don’t want him to milk the bull.

“I’m not as stupid as he thinks,” Kelly added. “I’ll bet dollars to the doughnut that only one of us will come out if we go behind the barn. He likes people to believe that he’s a little farm boy, and he’s not a little farm boy.”

So, a comment in a debate has turned into an invitation for a fistfight. Classy. Do either of these men deserve your vote? Seriously, at what point do Kelly and Huber supporters say, "You know, these guys are acting so poorly that Dahlkemper is going to tear up either one. Maybe it's time to find someone with some humility, civility, and a positive message."

At this point, both Kelly and Huber should forget about cows...they both look like a pair of horses' rear ends.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PA-3: Mike Kelly is Now a Moderate?

Mike Kelly has spent a few hundred thousand dollars telling the voters of PA-3 how he's a conservative...but he just told the fine folks of Erie, PA that he's a moderate!

Hat tip to
"Kelly admits running in a field of six has its drawbacks, but says in the end his moderate platform and business experience are a winning combination for the third district." Butler he's a conservative, but in Erie he's a moderate. Now we know why the GOP bosses love him so much and privately endorse him.

"Great" moderates such as Phil "RINO" English and Tom "Color Code" Ridge hail from the north. So, if you want a moderate, vote Kelly! If you want a candidate who tells one group one thing and tells another group another thing, vote Kelly! If you want a Republican just like those who screwed up the government so badly that Obama was able to cruise into office, vote Kelly!

Kelly = RINO. Right from the mouth of Kelly. The irony is that it was English's RINO actions that cost him his seat. Apparently, Kelly think that he can make it work. As a conservative and principled Republican, I couldn't vote for English. This should be interesting.

Friday, May 07, 2010

PA-3: Clayton Grabb Meet-and-Greet in Grove City on May 11

Republican candidate Clayton Grabb will make a campaign stop in Grove City on Tuesday, May 11 from 7pm-9pm. The event will be at the Grove City Borough Building, 123 W. Main St.

Bring your questions, bring your comments, bring your neighbors and friends!

This is a great opportunity to meet a great candidate (supported by yours truly) and get to know where he stands on the issues of the day.

Quick notes about Clayton:
- Constitutional conservative
- Christian family man
- The only veteran (Navy) in the race...and the best flattop in the race!
- Not a "chosen party man"...he's American first, conservative second, Republican third

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Appeal Rejected: Wife Killer Scott Dunn Continues to Rot in Jail

Scott Dunn - best known to the Grove City community as the low-life drug addict who brutally murdered his wife and burned the house down - was told to pound salt by the PA Supreme Court.

Dunn actually appealed his "sweetheart deal" of a 24-year sentence. From The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Misko also claimed Dobson focused too much on the beating and fire, and not enough on Dunn’s character, criminal history, rehabilitation needs and his plea, which relieved the district attorney’s office and Ms. Dunn’s family from having to go through a trial.
Egads! The judge focused on the malicious action of a psychopath and not on his poor rehab needs. As far as his character? Dunn is lucky that Dobson didn't tack on an extra 10 years for his character. Of course, the worst part of this whole appeal is that the Montgomery family will never get to see Brandi again.

Here's more from the story:
GROVE CITY — Some 1 1/2 years after Scott A. Dunn asked the state Supreme Court to hear an appeal of his sentence, the court on Wednesday said no.

The court’s consideration of the request was put on hold for about six months as it considered an issue in another case that mirrored part of Dunn’s appeal.

Dunn, 31, who is being held in Huntingdon, pleaded guilty to charges that he beat his wife, Brandon C. “Brandi” Montgomery Dunn, to death on Jan. 14, 2006, in her parents’ Grove City home, and torched it to try to cover up the death.

The Supreme Court decision lets stand a Sept. 2, 2008, Superior Court ruling that backed the sentence handed down by Mercer County Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas R. Dobson.

Dobson sentenced Dunn to 24 years, 4 months, to 52 years in prison on charges of voluntary manslaughter, abuse of a corpse and two counts of arson.

In Dunn’s appeal, Stephen M. Misko of Butler said Dobson incorrectly exceeded sentencing guidelines on one of the arson charges and should have merged the arson charges — one dealing with endangering firefighters and one dealing with property — into a single count for sentencing.

DEP shelves Tri-County Industries' Trash Mountain

It seems that the blind squirrels at the DEP can find a nut now and then...

Here's some great news from the DEP Newsroom:
Local Zoning Issue Leads DEP to Suspend Review of Mercer County Landfill Permit Applications

MEADVILLE -- The Department of Environmental Protection has suspended its review of Tri-County Landfill’s air plan and industrial wastewater discharge permit applications until disagreements over a local zoning issue in Pine Township, Mercer County, are resolved.

The issue specifically relates to the company’s planned municipal waste landfill in Pine and Liberty townships.

Pine Township first called on Tri-County Landfill LLC to apply for a local zoning variance in 2004, but did not have the required comprehensive plan in place that would allow DEP to consider the land use issue. In 2005, Pine Township and Mercer County enacted comprehensive land use plans that the township is now using as the basis for its position.

When Tri-County notified Pine Township in 2009 that it had submitted the air plan and industrial wastewater discharge permit applications, the township again brought to the attention of DEP the unresolved zoning conflict.

“It’s DEP’s policy to always attempt to honor local government’s control over land use, so we are suspending our reviews of these permit applications,” DEP Regional Director Kelly Burch said. “We will not resume our review of these applications until the conflict is resolved.”

Both outstanding permit applications pertain to by-products produced when landfill waste decomposes; the air plan relates to a system for managing methane gas and the discharge permit would apply to the waste liquid, or leachate.

DEP received a solid waste permit application pertaining to the new proposed landfill on Aug. 23, 2004. It initially denied the application after completing the environmental assessment, or benefits/harms analysis, because of bird strike issues.

Tri-County appealed that denial and subsequently provided supplemental information that led DEP to reverse its decision in 2008, approve the environmental assessment and move on to the technical review, or second phase of the permit review process.

DEP has finished its review of the solid waste permit application for the landfill, but has not yet made a decision. That decision will not be made until the department completes its review of the other permit applications.

This is super news for the Grove City area! But as a reminder: be vigilant! TCI will stop at nothing to build the Trash Mountain. Stay sharp and keep up the good fight!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

PA-3: Why I Support Clayton Grabb

First, let me say that I'm not pretentious enough to think that my opinion is a game changer. It's just my opinion and you're always welcome to agree or disagree. God bless America! Anyway, I'm just a blogger, though I have been for years. I've also been a local politician for a little over four years. I say this because I have talked the talk and I have walked the walk.

After talking with the candidates and reading news accounts of their words and actions, it's time to pick a horse.

I'm endorsing Clayton Grabb for congress.

Each candidate is talking about important issues like jobs, healthcare, trade, and national security. These are issues that are critical to the future of our country.

But all of those issues take a back seat to the Constitution. And that tremendous document is taking quite a beating lately.

We need someone who is passionate about the Constitution and understands how it guides the issues of the day. It is obvious that Clayton Grabb has a passion for the Constitution and is quick to discuss it at any chance. Perhaps it is a love of country that is based from his service in the Navy. He took an oath to uphold and defend the Country and Constitution. He still cherishes that oath and takes it seriously.

You see, the Constitution is the key founding document to laying out how our country operates. Everything stems from the Constitution. Taxation, infrastructure, defense...when someone is guided by the Constitution, you can trust that he will work to uphold it. When someone swears to defend it, and actually puts his life on the line, you can trust that he will work to defend it. All of it. He won't just pick and choose parts to defend.

Speaking of defense, Clayton Grabb fully understands the ways and means necessary to defend our country. He served in the Navy. He has an incredible love of the troops that only a person who served can understand. I've tried to understand it, but I can tell that I'm an outsider in that world. Our great military folks simply have a connection that I'll never be able to capture. And this righteous connection is something that Clayton Grabb cherishes. He won't deploy on a whim. And he won't leave our troops out to dry, either.

Clayton Grabb has worked in PA-3 for many years as a sales representative. He understands the district, as well as the ups and downs of the economy and how it affects businesses, large and small. He has seen the crushing effect of taxation and regulation. He has seen businesses shrink and close. He has seen people lose jobs. He wants to reverse the assault on business.

Clayton Grabb is a Christian family man, too. Now, this isn't to say that he'll be doing healing services on the floor of Congress. Well - except for healing the Constitution! I'm pointing out this because although he may have a strong grounding in the Constitution, he's grounded in something bigger: a faith in God and love of family. This faith will keep him grounded in a very ugly swamp called Washington, DC. And this love will keep him grounded in the real world. Clayton Grabb is pro-life.

Clayton Grabb is also in favor of term limits. He has declared that he will only serve four terms (eight years). He's on record with this commitment. He's also on record saying that when his time is up, he will be fine with it. He doesn't want to be a career politician. Heck, he doesn't want to be a politician. He wants to be a citizen-legislator: get elected, follow the Constitution, improve the country, go home to the family.

Finally, Clayton Grabb is an American first. He's a conservative second. He's a Republican third. This isn't to say that being a Republican isn't important to him: he's a lifelong Republican. He's just not a party hack. He's not a slave to the party. He's a servant to the country. The GOP has lost its way over the last sixteen years. It has been following the lead of the Democrats: spend, spend, spend. Congress and the presidency belong to the Dems because of liberal and RINO GOPers. And now the same GOP members want to go back in to "save" the country. No thanks!

It's time for a change. It's time for conservative Americans to take the lead. It's time for citizen-legislators to step up to the plate. It's time for folks like Clayton Grabb.

Please vote for Clayton Grabb on May 18!

Friday, April 30, 2010

PA-3: Political Blunder Moves Butler Candidate Event

The Freedom Patriots wanted to have a TEA Party and Mike Kelly knew the best location: his dealership. He offered the location then proceeded to set the terms for the PA-3 candidates. Each was able to give a timed speech. The order was to be determined by drawing names. The catch? Kelly would go last, regardless. Yeah, that's transparent.

Frankly, whether Kelly wanted to be magnanimous or not, any political newbie can recognize that having a "neutral" political rally at your business just smacks of hypocrisy.

Besides, a TEA Party rally at a corporate location? At a place that exemplifies government run amok? At a place that participated in Cash for Clunkers? Really?

Kelly should fire his consultant. Now. What a huge blunder. And now it has blown up in his face. It turns out that the other candidates have formally bailed on Kelly's party and set up a truly neutral location.

Here's the event info and letter from the candidates:

We the undersigned candidates for the May 18 Republican Primary for US Congress PA-3rd District have elected to rescind our invitations to the Tea Party proposed by Freedom Patriots to be held at 252 Pittsburgh Road Butler, PA on Sunday, May 2nd.
After much deliberation and mutual agreement, we feel that the location of the venue offered as courtesy by Candidate Mike Kelly to the Tea Party organizers presents a non-neutral setting for the other candidates to present themselves and their positions in an open forum.

The property for the venue is part of Mr. Kelly’s business we have come to understand, and in light of this fact we have mutually proposed an alternate setting for an open candidate forum.

The event will be held from 2 PM to 5 PM on the same day at a location convenient to attendees from the original event and others to come hear the candidates speak. The location also provides under cover shelter should the forecast for rain that day hold. This will be a no frills event strictly to inform voters, and Mr. Kelly is more than welcome to join this event and speak with his fellow candidates at a neutral setting.

We extend our sincerest apologies to Freedom Patriots for any inconvenience, and hope that they recognize the need for fair and open debate in all aspects of this very critical election cycle for voters.

The location of the PA-3rd Congressional District Republican Candidate Forum will be at:

Odd Fellows Gazebo
Alameda Park
Butler County Parks and Recreation
184 Alameda Road
Butler, PA 16001

With Kind Regards,
(in alphabetical order)

Steven Fisher
Ed Franz
Clayton Grabb
Paul Huber
Martha Moore

PA-3: Mercer County GOP Chair "Helps" Kelly

Keep in mind that the Mercer County GOP has claimed that they are neutral during the primary...

The latest "meet the candidates" function was held at the Hempfield Township Fire Department. (Here's a writeup from The Herald.) Each candidate had a chance to speak for a handful of minutes. Paul Huber did his part, referring to the people in the district as his team. He called the people in the audience his team. It was a great way to call people to action and make them feel involved.

At the end of the final speech, Mercer County GOP chairman David King stood up and asked the audience for a round of applause for the candidates. As people applauded, King leaned into the microphone, looked over at the candidates, and said "This is your team, Mike!" King quickly corrected himself by referring to the audience as the team for all of the candidates.

But the cat was out of the bag. The horse was out of the barn. The shoe was firmly in his mouth.

You may recall when I reported how King called Kelly "our candidate"...

At some point, you would think the Mercer County GOP would be honest and admit that they are backing Kelly. It's time to stop pretending that they are neutral. No one - I repeat, NO ONE - believes it. It's time to stop misleading the voters. If they can't be honest, King MUST resign.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PA-3: Is Kelly Using Blog Stalkers From Washington DC?


A gentleman named "Peter" started leaving comment after comment in my 2010 PA-3 Voter's Guide. He picked out a snippet about Kelly's donations to oust conservatives and insisted on harping on about it. After one reply, no big deal. Two replies? No problem. The third reply that includes insults? Hmmmm.

Thanks tracking software!

It turns out "Peter" is from Washington, DC. Here's his information for you tech gurus and political junkies that love this stuff:

Now, I don't know that he's a paid Kelly staffer. But it is odd that someone from DC would be going gonzo over such a small blog like mine.

And I thought only Dahlkemper had a Washington, DC hit squad. Who knew?!?

EDIT: I've been told that Kelly has a son in DC.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That's Rich PA-3 Voter's Guide: Candidate Summary

Okay - it's time to analyze of the candidates of the 2010 PA-3 race. This is a totally subjective summary based upon my observations and interviews of the candidates. If you agree or disagree, that's absolutely fine with me. Ultimately, I'm not going to tell you for whom you should vote (although an endorsement is forthcoming). I want you to make your own decision. That said, here's my PA-3 voter's guide with the candidates listed in alphabetical order...

Steven Fisher
Where: I met Fisher at the Grove City Trade Show.

Pros: Fisher seems like a really nice guy. A smart guy. He comes off as a business professional/policy wonk who can get into the underbelly of Washington and make things happen. He doesn't just know get the idea that he knows the background. He's also personable and can talk to you about the "joys" of being a homeowner as easily as healthcare policy.

Cons: Fisher didn't come across as a type-A people person. He seemed more like the quiet type. Once you start talking to him, he'll get going...but you gotta get him going. There's nothing inherently wrong with "the strong, silent type," but it's almost required to have at least a little "killer instinct" when you head into modern Washington.

Ed Franz
Where: I met Franz at the Grove City Trade Show. I've also been to his HQ in Mercer.

Pros: If you want a blue-collar everyman, Franz is your guy. Sick of slick, professional politicians? Franz is your guy. Need someone to cut your taxes and your firewood? Franz is your guy. He's very friendly, yet very concerned about the direction of the state and country. He has seen 2000 fellow GE employees get the ax while Dahlkemper has fooled around with socialized medicine. Franz gets it. He's unashamed about being conservative.

Cons: He's not polished, which may concern some voters. The blue-blood, country club types won't understand him (this is an obvious plus to many others, though).

Clayton Grabb
Where: Grabb was the first to contact me for a sit-down chat. I also talked with him at a Grabb event in Butler.

Pros: If you're absolutely sick about the trashing of the Constitution, then Grabb is your guy. He has an absolute passion and fire for the Constitution and can speak readily about the need to cherish it. He's far more concerned with the Constitution than the party label. He's also smart about the real world. He spends the day traveling as a pharma representative. He's good with people. He's also the only one that proudly embraces the Tea Party platform. On top of it all, he's a Navy vet, so you can believe he cares deeply about the oath of office. If you want a candidate who is American first and Republican second, you'll love Grabb.

Cons: He is running a totally grassroots campaign. This can really be difficult in modern campaign. He's also despised by the establishment Republicans because of his deep conservative roots and desire to follow Constitution over party. Mercer County GOP chair David King has snubbed Grabb at least four times now (King should resign immediately). If you want a candidate who is Republican first and American second, you'll hate Grabb.

Paul Huber
Where: Huber was the second candidate to seek me out for a chat.

Pros: Huber knows business. He had a successful business before selling it to retire. He sees everything in the scope of business. In this era of skyrocketing debt, we really need more businessmen and far less lawyers. It's not just the bottom line for Huber, either. He really understands trade issues and policies that clog DC. Owning a business will do that. The more successful you are, the more the government comes calling. Huber knows how painful that is and how to fix it.

Cons: Huber has a terrible albatross around his neck. He was a Democrat until last year. He became a Dem during JFK and never changed. He has financially supported Republicans throughout his life, but I still would have changed...especially in 1980, 1992, 1994, or 1998. At what point are you outraged enough to change?

Mike Kelly
Where: I met Kelly at his kick-off event in Grove City.

Pros: Kelly is a likable guy. I'd watch a football game with him. Heck, I might even buy a car off him (and I hate car dealers). He has some background in local government, so he's not going in totally green. He's extremely personable and is a smooth talker (in a good way). He can speak off the cuff and stays on message. He's passionate about reversing the downward direction of the country.

Cons: His passion makes him come across as angry. Many people have noticed this. And when he gets angry, he doesn't control it well. He's also the clear insider favorite. Perhaps the GOP bosses see his money and realize he's "their boy." The biggest problem is his past political donations. He's plopped some big money down to help liberals. Really. One was for an opponent of English (when Phil was a conservative) and another big chunk went to an opponent of Rep. Metcalfe (the most conservative guy in Harrisburg). That's scary. Finally, when I asked Kelly which modern politician he most matches, he paused. I offered the options of Reagan, Bush, and McCain. He chose "a little of all three." Would any conservative claim to have ANY McCain in him?

Martha Moore
Where: I have yet to talk with or meet Dr. Moore. I'm still hoping to meet her and amend this as necessary.

Pros: Healthcare. It's her issue. Our country is going to sink under socialized medicine. We can only hope it is repealed, then have folks like Moore to step in and point out where the government is crushing the US system. She's just a citizen who wants to make a difference. Kudos to her. We definitely need more citizens to say (as Moore says) "enough is enough."

Cons: She's got nearly no name recognition, which is terribly hard to overcome.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PA-3: Kelly's Anti-Conservative Donations Come Calling

This is big news for PA-3. I mean really big.

Hat tip to

George "Mike" Kelly has a history of giving money to the opponents of conservatives. In 1994, Kelly maxed out his donations ($2000) to Phil English's opponent, Bill Leavens. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But Rich...but Rich...Phil isn't a conservative!" Yes, that's true in 2010, but it wasn't in 1994 when Phil was running on Newt Gingrich's Contract For America. The Republican Revolution was about to sweep the Democrats out of power - and Mike Kelly was funding the Democrat.

PA2010 also reports that Kelly gave $1000 to an opponent (Linda Schoettker) of state representative Daryl Metcalfe, who is consistently rated the most conservative member in Harrisburg. This happened in 2002. Ouch.

Personally, I don't care where Kelly spreads his wealth. It's his cash. And I certainly don't care about party affiliation because the GOP has been miserable for about 15 years.

The big issue for me is that either Kelly doesn't like conservatives, or he's good buddies with these two folks and wanted to share some cash with them (so they could defeat conservatives). If Kelly is targeting conservatives, then Kelly needs to be targeted for defeat this primary.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

PA-3: Dahlkemper's Rude Awakening (aka Kathy in Dreamland)

Someone has a hero complex...

It seems that Rep. Dahlkemper thinks that so many people are thrilled about healthcare that she's going to use it as her campaign platform for the 2010 election. Seriously.

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):
The advanced government class of seniors — dressed in formal suits and nice dresses for the occasion — picked Mrs. Dahlkemper’s brain mostly on political rather than policy questions. Their coursework this year has included a study of Mrs. Dahlkemper’s policy positions and the health care reform legislation, teacher Merrilynn Giles said.

In response to one of those questions,
Mrs. Dahlkemper told the class that she plans to campaign this year on her health care vote.

Wow. Have at it!

To what does she owe this new-found optimism?
Since health care reform passed, she said four out of five calls to her office have been positive. People have wept, Mrs. Dahlkemper, Erie, D-3rd District, said.
Mrs. Dahlkemper characterized opposition to the health care law as loud and boisterous, and said
the media’s love for conflict made those who oppose the law appear more numerous than supporters.

And it gets better:
Faced with an admittedly imperfect reform package, Mrs. Dahlkemper said her choice consisted of what they had on the table or nothing at all.

“Nothing was not an option. The bill isn’t perfect, but it’s better than doing nothing.”

Hopefully, she added, lawmakers will have time to change it later.

Keep in mind that this is the same woman who thinks that an executive order carries the same weight as law. And she thinks that Congress will only improve the Obamacare bill? Frightening.

And of course, the final straw:
Some students wanted to know how well Congress responds to the people. Mrs. Dahlkemper said it’s very important that representatives know their districts, and that they represent their constituents and not just the portrait of them the media might paint.

Her district, she said, is very “purple,” containing both conservatives and liberals.
She praised that mix and embraced the moderate Democrat label.

It's amazing that the media still continues with this nonsense. Shame on The Herald. How can you vote for one of the largest expansions of government in US history and still claim you are a moderate? How can you vote with Obama on massive debt and still claim you are a moderate? What in the world has this woman done to show she's remotely moderate?

Either The Herald ran out of ink or they simply weren't inquisitive enough to ask. (There's your difference between a "reporter" and an "investigative journalist.")

Friday, April 02, 2010

Wendell August Forge Prepares for April 5 Showroom Opening, Production Continues

Wendell August Forge will be opening its temporary showroom on Monday, April 5 at 1605 South Center Street, Grove City, PA. Shoppers will recognize the building as the home of Dave and Anne Dayton's Slovak Folk Crafts. The Daytons have worked with WAF to create temporary sales space in the front of the building, while Slovak Folk Crafts occupies the rear.


Despite the fire, there are plenty of hand-hammered pieces to make the visit worthwhile. The Forge craftsmen are working to replenish the vast quantity of inventory that was destroyed by the fire. There will also be a special side room to display the craftsmanship and history of the forge, including a section dedicated to the fire.

The Forge will have a grand opening celebration of the showroom on May 1.



In other news...

The production facilities are now humming along and the office space is painted and fully furnished.




And the Pittsburgh Penguins' commemorative ticket production is well underway. This ticket celebrates the final home game at Mellon Arena. Every fan in attendance will receive a hand-hammered aluminum ticket. Here's a table with several hundred of the 20,000-ticket order:


And here's the ticket box, which includes a promotional piece that details how ticket holders can get theirs custom engraved with their own seat number:


Friday, March 26, 2010

PA-3: GCC Forum Coverage

Sadly, I missed the event - grad school called and I had to answer.

Here is some of the coverage via The Herald (Sharon, PA):

The candidates united in attacking Congress as out-of-control, promising to rein in spending and the scope of the federal government. They each knocked the health care reform law passed and signed this week and called for its repeal.

On the health care question, most candidates pushed for reforms espoused by the GOP, such as tort reform, letting customers buy insurance across state lines, and using tax-free health savings accounts.

Mike Kelly, 61, a Butler car dealership owner, billed himself as the “strong stomached” candidate and said someone has to stand up to people with no entitlement to health care and tell them that there just isn’t money for it.

He billed himself as the non-politician who can stick to his guns in Washington, D.C., and blamed the problems of Congress on politicians that have been sent there.

Dr. Martha Moore, 52, a Sandy Lake family practitioner, said health care costs would only go down with a “true free market,” where the government doesn’t prop things up.

Dr. Moore, who spoke a bit nervously, also said she believes in citizen politicians and term limits, pledging to limit herself to three.

Paul Huber, 65, a Meadville businessman, fielded a question from Dr. Moore on term limits, and also agreed to a three-term limit. Huber, who was registered as a Democrat until last spring, also had to answer whether or not he would switch back to being a Democrat once in Washington.

Huber said he should have changed his registration long ago, and his campaign donations reflect that. “My wife of 30 years, nearly every morning told me that. I finally took her advice,” he joked.

Huber has released a detailed economic recovery plan and he talked heavily on economic issues like cutting spending and taxes. When it was his turn to ask a question of another candidate, it was a detailed grilling on how to fix the economy.

Clayton W. Grabb, 48, a Butler pharmaceutical salesman, distanced himself from the other candidates in questions about when to compromise in Washington and what programs he would cut.

Most candidates emphasized that they would never compromise their values, but Grabb came across especially bold, saying he would only compromise on “the small things.”

“My goal in D.C. is to stand firm to my principles. There’s right and wrong. If something’s wrong, then it needs to be said it’s wrong.”

Most candidates said they would try to reduce welfare or repeal health care, but Grabb was the only to name a specific agency. He said he would cut the Department of Energy for its failure to create energy independence.

Ed Franz, 48, a Conneatville hourly worker at General Electric Corp. in Erie, emphasized his common man status and conservative bona fides. He came out most aggressively against Mrs. Dahlkemper, hitting her particularly on her health care reform vote.

“I’m pro-life,” Franz said. “I’ve been involved with the pro-life community for many years,” he said, citing marches and organizations. He said Mrs. Dahlkemper campaigned as a pro-life candidate and voted for a reform bill that “would actually allow taxpayer funding of abortion.”

Mrs. Dahlkemper campaigned as a “whole life” candidate who was also opposed to the death penalty and in favor of health care reform. She said she believes President Barack Obama’s executive order will prevent federal funding for abortions.

Franz said the executive order Obama signed to win over Mrs. Dahlkemper and other pro-life Democrats’ votes could be rescinded by Obama at any time.

“We as conservatives cannot afford to send any fakes to Washington, D.C., on the pro-life issue, as Kathy Dahlkemper has proven to be.”

Steven M. Fisher, 51, Cochranton, a health insurance salesman, talked about the need to bring down health care costs. He said he’s had clients in Mercer County who have spent $1.7 million or other, six-figure, amounts on treatments, and noted that some cancer drugs cost $50,000 a month.

High health care premiums, Fisher said, mirror high costs. Fixes like reducing mandates on insurance would companies help, but he said there is no solution from government or anywhere else unless costs come down. That would take measures like wellness incentives, he said.

He said the current measure fails to bring costs down in any sense. “This wasn’t health care reform, it was health care takeover, period.”

Fisher also said he would work hard to make sure that the 3rd District is seen as a district with seven counties in it instead of just Erie.