Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PA-3 Update: Tom Trevorrow Drops Out

Hat tip to Politics PA.

Citing his father's recent diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, Dr. Trevorrow has dropped from the race.

From his campaign:
“My parents sacrificed their entire lives to put me through school and help me become the person I am today,” Trevorrow said in a statement posted on his Web site. “I remain committed to restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington and bringing real health care reform to America, but in the coming months it will be in a much more limited role than a race for Congress demands.

“The only decision for me is to end my candidacy so that I can focus my full attention on helping my father and family through what will be a long journey.”

The Politics PA story notes an interesting piece of info:
His departure means car dealer Mike Kelly and businessman Paul Huber likely become the favorites to win the primary.

The story doesn't say where they got that little tidbit of info. But seeing how Kelly is rumored to be the party pick, I can understand why they pushed his name. Sources have told me that he was picked and pushed to run by the party. If that's true (which it seems to be in Mercer County) then that's the kiss of death for conservative voters. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Rich: In contrast to your point, let's assume the party had to pick between two competitive people to increase the odds of a win against Dahlkemper. To be true to conservatives, should it pick a Democrat turned Republican or a lifelong Republican? If it's the kiss of death to conservatives for the party to choose the lifelong Republican (true conservative), then conservatives have gone the route of knee-jerk response...simply rejecting the party choice out of hand in favor of a faux conservative. Here the party is trying to do the opposite of what happened in NY. It is not selecting, but trying to put forward for selection a true conservative for the very reason that it wants its base fired-up. Paul Huber is a johnny-come-lately conservative, who saw a chink in Dahlkemper's armor and is now trying to exploit it. He couldn't do that as a Democrat, so he switched parties. Let's not reduce the odds of a real conservative candidate beating Dahlkemper by assuming that because the party establishment may like him he's a bad choice. Maybe the party is finally starting to listen to conservatives and that's why they want Mike Kelly. I don't want to see us (conservatives) lose this election by sniping our own potential candidate. Please don't make insinuations about the party's choice being anti-tea party, which will further divide and hurt our chances. I suggest you do a blog interview with Mike Kelly and Paul Huber exploring their conservative past/history. I think that would greatly help ellucidate the differences between these candidates.

Rich Talbert said...

Thanks for the comment. However, I'm not insinuating anything. I'm being blunt: the PAGOP (and many, many county GOP bosses) absolutely DO NOT want a conservative in any position of power.

You'll note how the county folks got together and endorsed Tom Corbett to be governor. Really??? And they also picked a liberal for Lt. Governor. And they endorsed Toomey, who used to be conservative, then sold out to appeal to moderates.

As far as Mike Kelly goes, I have met him and heard him speak. He seems like a great guy and a pretty good candidate, to boot.

I've also met Paul Huber and Clayton Grabb. I'd like to meet Franz before I put out my report card.

As always, it's my opinion...not a national edict.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

When should we expect a report card on the canidates?