Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PAGOP Party Bosses Ban Facebook Comments

It's all over the blogosphere. The PAGOP has been feverishly deleting any Facebook comments critical of their coronation of Tom Corbett for governor or Pat Toomey for senator. A blogging colleague of mine was even threatened for posting his disapproval.

Instead of an open primary, the PAGOP "nominates" the best insider, party hack for the job. You may remember such great choices as Lynn Swann, Mike Fischer, Tom Ridge...

Seeing how Corbett has been too busy campaigning for the last year or two to do his job, and Toomey has gone from firebrand conservative to squishy moderate, you can understand why the PAGOP would nominate such grand candidates and not let the people have a say in the matter.

Yes, the people still get to vote in the primary, but the endorsement means more than words. The PAGOP has scrubbed all other candidates from its literature, making it seem like no one else is running. The endorsed candidates will get truckloads of cash. The endorsed candidates will be led around like prize hogs to all of the local events around the state.

*hint* Check and see who is speaking at your county's Lincoln Day dinner and other upcoming events.

Make your voices known. Let the hacks know you're tired of being told what is best for you. DON'T DONATE to the PAGOP. Study the candidates and determine who would be best for you and your family, then support that person.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so pig biting mad over this that that I called Harrisburg -(717) 234-4901 - yesterday and let 'em have it with both barrels.
I also left a piece of my mind over at Politico & elsewhere.
We don't have to take it!