Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts on Socialized Healthcare

I'm really sad for our country.

Not just because of the wholly unconstitutional healthcare mess, but because there are so many people who simply don't care that it's unconstitutional. Then there are a lot of people who simply don't know that it's unconstitutional. And they have no understanding of history and what happens in socialized countries. Instead, they spew vile statements against insurance companies and business leaders.

The largest insurer in the US? The government. The largest rejector of claims? The government. The largest bureaucratic money waster? The government. And that doesn't even bring in the government's involvement in other areas of life. Unequal and evil-natured, indeed. Insurance companies are much more compassionate and forgiving than the government has proven to be. And they make a meager 2-3% profit doing it.

Now I'm going to be forced to pay for someone else's healthcare if this mess actually gets underway. This is a direct assault on liberty.

If this really was about healthcare, we could have used a tiny fraction of the stimulus money and bought healthcare for the 12 million who want healthcare but can't afford it. This has always been about control. This is a direct assault on the pursuit of happiness.... See More

Every socialized nation dictates how their citizens should live. That's already here. Philly is passing a soda tax and Pittsburgh wants to do it next. The Feds want snack taxes - in addition to the alcohol and cig taxes on the books. Every socialized nation rations their healthcare. It's coming. This is a direct assault on life.

Healthcare is not a right. It is a man-made item that, while important, does not meet the standard of a God-given, human right. Healthcare is your responsibility. It's up to you to choose to live well, take care of yourself, and buy insurance if you feel it is a good purchasing decision. It is certainly not your right to force your neighbors (by the barrel of a Federal gun) to pay for your healthcare. You are violating their lives, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.

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