Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wendell August Forge Creating Temporary Facility

Wendell August Forge owners and employees are aggressively working toward opening a temporary facility for offices, production, and distribution. Retail space is also in the works. The "new" facility is familiar to the Forge family, as it has served as a previous point of production and distribution: The Cooper Industrial Commons plant.

The plan is to have the production facilities up and running by the end of the week. Seriously. The office space should be ready in approximately two weeks. And the heartwarming part? The employees are still getting paid. Everyone should be pretty much back to "normal" by April 1st.

Showroom space is currently in the works.

As I mentioned to Will Knecht this morning, I'm not a fan of random luck. I'm a believer in providence. And if you ever wanted a case study in providence, the WAF situation is the paradigm.
- Two production cells remained at Cooper because WAF had no room to move them to the main building.
- All of the electrical, air, and gas hookups were still in place.
- A high-end paint booth remained because WAF couldn't fit it in the main building.
- All of the distribution and inventory for shipping remained because there was no room at the main building.
- WAF officials "discovered" abandoned office space at the Cooper plant that they never needed or used before - ironically, it was above their heads the whole time!
- Utility contractors simply had the manpower and resources to respond immediately to wire up phone and internet connections - no waiting for the tech to show up between 8:00am and 4:00pm...haha!


Now for the pics!

Some of the rescued dies. There were approximately 4500 total, and they vary in states from "just like new" to minor pitting from rust.



Arranging the work cells.
This is the area where all of the new goods will be created. All of the cutting, hammering, trimming, polishing, etc. will happen here.


Distribution center. This site has been operational and will continue to ship goods. There is still inventory on the shelves, but they are going through it quickly.


Office space. This space was located above the distribution and was unknown to many employees. It was simply never needed...until now. The walls are getting new cables strung in them and paint (you can see the sample paint on the walls) will be on shortly. Thousands of dollars of cubicles are being donated by Hicks Office Plus!


I'll post up more pics as progress continues...

Thanks for reading!

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