Wednesday, April 07, 2010

PA-3: Dahlkemper's Rude Awakening (aka Kathy in Dreamland)

Someone has a hero complex...

It seems that Rep. Dahlkemper thinks that so many people are thrilled about healthcare that she's going to use it as her campaign platform for the 2010 election. Seriously.

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):
The advanced government class of seniors — dressed in formal suits and nice dresses for the occasion — picked Mrs. Dahlkemper’s brain mostly on political rather than policy questions. Their coursework this year has included a study of Mrs. Dahlkemper’s policy positions and the health care reform legislation, teacher Merrilynn Giles said.

In response to one of those questions,
Mrs. Dahlkemper told the class that she plans to campaign this year on her health care vote.

Wow. Have at it!

To what does she owe this new-found optimism?
Since health care reform passed, she said four out of five calls to her office have been positive. People have wept, Mrs. Dahlkemper, Erie, D-3rd District, said.
Mrs. Dahlkemper characterized opposition to the health care law as loud and boisterous, and said
the media’s love for conflict made those who oppose the law appear more numerous than supporters.

And it gets better:
Faced with an admittedly imperfect reform package, Mrs. Dahlkemper said her choice consisted of what they had on the table or nothing at all.

“Nothing was not an option. The bill isn’t perfect, but it’s better than doing nothing.”

Hopefully, she added, lawmakers will have time to change it later.

Keep in mind that this is the same woman who thinks that an executive order carries the same weight as law. And she thinks that Congress will only improve the Obamacare bill? Frightening.

And of course, the final straw:
Some students wanted to know how well Congress responds to the people. Mrs. Dahlkemper said it’s very important that representatives know their districts, and that they represent their constituents and not just the portrait of them the media might paint.

Her district, she said, is very “purple,” containing both conservatives and liberals.
She praised that mix and embraced the moderate Democrat label.

It's amazing that the media still continues with this nonsense. Shame on The Herald. How can you vote for one of the largest expansions of government in US history and still claim you are a moderate? How can you vote with Obama on massive debt and still claim you are a moderate? What in the world has this woman done to show she's remotely moderate?

Either The Herald ran out of ink or they simply weren't inquisitive enough to ask. (There's your difference between a "reporter" and an "investigative journalist.")

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