Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill

- Why is it that Obama can't bring himself to show any respect or call any attention to the rig workers who died? He mentioned them in passing and that's it.

- This nightmare spill is gushing out of control because of liberals in Congress and environmentalists. There is no sane reason that oil rigs should be pushed so far off the coast that they have to go through a mile of water before they start drilling. If they could drill closer to the shore, they'd only need to go through a few hundred feet of water. Capping this leak would have been done in the first week. Regulations to "save the environment" are killing it instead. What a surprise...

- Anyone who thinks the government should step in and take control is a fool. The government does not have the resources, ability, intellectual understanding, or motivation to stop this spill. BP has all of those. Does anyone think that BP enjoys losing millions of dollars or being the punching bag of the world? If anyone can stop the spill, it's BP.

- If you are wondering why Obama has been slow to respond, just ask yourself about the financial and political implications of the spill and response. Who received the most money from BP during the last election cycle? Barack Obama! He isn't going to beat them up too badly because he's addicted to its cash. Does talking about the oil spill help Obama further his push of communism? Heck, no! He just needs to sit back, watch BP struggle, then push for sweeping changes for oil companies. Heck, he may even go as far as Hugo Chavez and try to nationalize some or all of the oil companies. Crazy? Ask yourself who owns many of the banks and car companies...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

PA-50: State Senator Bob Robbins is now a Democrat

Be sure to check out the 2010 Voter's Guide! ~Rich

The lust for power has no bounds.

State Senator Bob Robbins (R-50), in an attempt to avoid any challengers, ran a write-in campaign to appear on the Democrat ticket for November's general election. He sent out a mailer encouraging the support of local Dems and even had signs made to put at polling locations.

This action enraged many local Dems and drove two to launch their own write-in campaigns. But since Robbins appeared to have the support of Mercer County Democrat Chair Robert Lark, it appears he has been successful.

This fall, voters in the 50th district will have two choices: Republican Bob Robbins and Democrat Bob Robbins. The filing deadline for independent candidates is still months away, so we'll see if anyone is able to obtain the proper amount of valid signatures.

Have you ever seen such a gross display of the lust for power? Does this man have no shame? Is he unable to stand on his record against any competitors that he has to hold both sides of the ticket to ensure his re-election?

And he spent $43,000 to do it!

Bob Robbins has to go. He is now the localized version of Arlen Specter. Actually, he's worse. At least Specter picked one side. We can only hope a competent challenger arises in time for the fall.

Finally, Mercer County GOP chair David King and Democrat chair Robert Lark should resign for this disgusting fiasco.

Ultimately - and perhaps more disgustingly - one has to wonder why an aging guy like Robbins wants to cling so bitterly to power. Some of my conservative friends and I have been speculating for months that Robbins simply isn't interested in serving out his term. He'll get re-elected then retire at some point in his term. At that point, Representative Michele Brooks will be conveniently placed in his seat. Sounds familiar? Well, that's how she got her seat when Rep. Rod Wilt abruptly retired.

What about Brooks' seat? Well, the Bob Robbins/Ginny Richardson protege Brian Shipley will be moved into the seat. Who is Shipley? Well, he was a very young Mercer County Commissioner until he used a county credit card for porn, prostitutes, and hotel rooms (and I've been told much, MUCH worse). He disappeared for quite a while and eventually turned up as a Greenville councilman. Low and behold (and with the Robbins/Richardson influence) he's now the council president! And everyone knows he'd never survive a primary for a state rep seat, let alone a general, so why not give him the power of incumbency?!?

If you aren't sick yet, you aren't paying attention...

Friday, May 21, 2010

PA-3: Mike Kelly for Congress wants to unite the GOP

That's what The Herald (Sharon, PA) is claiming in a headline.

I'm not sure how he's going to do that after the sheer damage he and Paul Huber did to their own reputations. After talking with hundreds of GOP members in the last several weeks, I've decided to help out Mike Kelly. Why not? All is fair in love and politics, right?

Here are my suggestions free of charge!

- Tell the truth. Simple, right? Sadly it has eluded you. Are you a moderate, like you told the people in Erie? Or are you a conservative, like you told the people in Butler? Which is it?

- Stop all of the mud slinging. Pointing out records is one thing, but slinging mud turns off lots of voters.

- Stop the daily mailers. You want to be fiscally responsible by wasting resources? Huh? I heard TONS of people make comments like that.

- Kick the establishment to the curb. They control you, Mike. You may not want to admit it, but they own you. There are a lot more voters than there are party hacks. But you must love being coddled and wooed by the party hacks. Try to be your own man for once.

- Kick the Harrisburg and DC consultants to the curb. They love how you throw piles of cash at them...and that's the only reason why they love you. But they are killing your image. It seems obvious to everyone but you: PA-3 is NOT Harrisburg or DC.

- Figure out a better answer to the Cash for Clunkers albatross around your neck. Your lust of money has caused you to say some stupid things about this issue. Maybe you should just be honest about it and hope it goes away...

- Control your temper. You come across as an angry old man. You have been a bully and people hate bullies. I would suggest finding a way to have a servant's heart.

- Do NOT stage any more phony events. That "tea party" you staged in Butler was a sham. Just because you tricked (or bribed) a couple candidates to fall for it, doesn't mean that people bought it. I think three people total believed it was real. A simple investigation revealed it was set up for YOU. Absolutely shameful.

There you go. And it didn't cost you $20,000 in "consultant" fees. Feel free to use all of them. Or you can ignore it and keep doing what you are doing...and lose by 20 points in November. 72% of PA-3 GOP voted against you. 46% of PA-3 voted for a conservative and against establishment politics. The message boards are chattering about write-in drives. A libertarian is entering the race, which will draw conservatives. If you want to attract them to your camp, you might want to consider your options.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PA-3: Clayton Grabb Finishes Strong, Conservatives Reject GOP, Mike Kelly Problems Ahead

Team Grabb Finishes Strong

What a ride! It was so much fun being part of a congressional campaign, even if we came up short. While many sit on the sidelines and complain, a few do get off their rear ends and try to make a difference. Clayton Grabb and his supporters had limited resources, but they worked to inform voters about the conservative message. Clayton finished third with no support from the party! Clayton received the most votes per dollar spent. It was an awesome achievement that shows the power of grassroots campaigning.

I met a ton of great people - from full-bore supporters to average voters who want a change in Washington and in the GOP. These folks were Clayton's family, friends, neighbors, and lots of total strangers who simply came together and rallied around the flag of conservatism. And it was truly awesome to see! I met a lot of people who are charged up and ready to get involved any way they can.

And even in defeat, they were gracious. There wasn't any wailing or gnashing of teeth. Of course they were saddened and frustrated by the loss, but that quickly turned into an attitude of "What can we do next?" These people aren't going back to the sidelines. They're anxious for the next chance to make a difference. It was a special thing to see.

GOP Party Bosses Rejoice

From the beginning, everyone knew that Mike Kelly had to be persuaded to run. But the GOP establishment finally got their man! They hired overpriced consultants to throw mud everywhere they could. The "neutral" GOP party bosses tried holding "Mike Kelly Forums" in most of the counties, but when the word got out, they were forced to bring in the other candidates. But they still endorsed Kelly during the events by many slips of the tongue.

They even staged a fake "tea party" at Kelly's dealership to make him seem conservative (yes, Kelly campaign, pretty much everyone knows you staged it). My own research was confirmed yesterday by an insider who said it was organized specifically around Kelly, and they didn't even consider inviting others until they were advised by the insider that they'd have to.

So after all the mud, after all the not-so-secret deals, after all the staged events, and after a boatload of cash changed hands, Kelly won! GOP bosses rejoice!

GOP Establishment Problem

A whopping 46% of voters voted against the two "front runners" in the race. This is because people wanted a conservative (but the votes were split), because they were sick of the negative ads, and because they didn't want to be told by the GOP establishment for whom to vote. Even worse, 72% of the voters in PA-3 didn't want what Mike Kelly had to offer. Ouch.

And the establishment didn't just sit on their hands for this election, they flat-out worked against the conservatives, as outlined above.

Now the establishment has a problem. They ticked off a lot of people. But they don't call the GOP "The Stupid Party" for nothing! Someone forgot to remind them that two years ago, we showed Phil English the door for being a party-pushed RINO hack. Now we have Phil English II. But for some twisted reason, the establishment is probably thinking that we'll fall in line and vote for PE2 just to get rid of Dahlkemper. Hey, guys...we didn't the first time!

Dahlkemper has an easy campaign ahead of her. While discussing the experiences at the polls, so many of the volunteers were commenting about how people were proclaiming that they'd vote for ANYONE but Kelly or Huber. They didn't like the message OR the messenger. And Kelly has a history of bullying people and blowing his stack. Dahlkemper simply has to push one of Kelly's many hot buttons during a debate. Dahlkemper should only pay her consultant minimum wage because beating Kelly will be so easy.

So the GOP party bosses got what they wanted. And now they get to work on repairing what they did. Don't fall for it. If Kelly is going to earn your vote, make him work for it. Make him PROVE that he's sorry for running such an awful campaign. Make him PROVE that he isn't controlled by the GOP establishment. Make him PROVE that he's going to become a conservative. Remember, this is the guy who said during an Erie interview that his "moderate platform" will attract voters. 72% of the voters weren't attracted. Egads!

As of today, the GOP in PA-3 has shown that they don't want or care about the conservative vote. They want control. Don't give it to them. Make them beg you for it.

72% of the voters can't be wrong.

Monday, May 17, 2010

PA-3: Clayton Grabb endorsed by Firearms Owners Against Crime

Pennsylvania's largest pro-gun political action committee has endorsed Clayton Grabb for the PA-3 congressional race!

FOAC is absolutely committed to defending the Second Amendment, so you can be sure that the members did their homework before endorsing Clayton.

If the Second Amendment is important to you, vote Grabb!

PA-3: Clayton Grabb endorsed by Pennsylvania Republican Leadership Council

The "Conservative Wing of the Republican Party" has endorsed Clayton Grabb for the PA-3 congressional primary!

Franz, Moore, Fisher, Kelly, and Huber supporters: if you are looking for a conservative voice in Congress, Grabb is your guy!

Mercer County and Pennsylvania 2010 Primary Election Results

Here are the links to see the election results as they come in. As always, thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

Mercer County Results by Race

Mercer County Results by Precinct

Pennsylvania Statewide Results

PA Voter's Guide, Final Edition for Primary 2010

Here's your That's Rich list of recommendations for the 2010 Primary. These are the conservative candidates to help take back America. Most of these are centered around PA-3 and Mercer County, so if you don't live in either, do some homework before voting! The important thing is to flee from anyone endorsed by the GOP party hacks. The last thing we need are more establishment RINOs that put us in such a bad mess that we got Obama. Enjoy!

Governor: Sam Rohrer
Lt. Governor: Daryl Metcalfe
PA-3 Congress: Clayton Grabb
PA-4 Congress: Keith Rothfus
US Senate: Peg Luksik
State-8 House: Dick Stevenson
State-50 Senate: Write-in
GOP State Committee: Scott Boyd ONLY
Committeeman/woman: Write-ins

Ed Franz for Congress Supporters: Gut Check Time

I know lots of Franz supporters. They like Ed - and for good reason. He's a good guy with some good ideas and a passion to see things get fixed in Washington.

The political reality is that his campaign is stalling out. There is none of that magical "buzz" around PA-3 over Franz. His electronic presence was stagnant until a flurry of self-driven activity in the last couple days. I've seen Franz signs disappear from yards (not intersections), which is never a good sign. Granted, they may have been stolen, but other signs seem to be remaining in yards.

The truth be told, only one of the conservatives running has that "buzz" going into the home stretch. That would be Clayton Grabb. He has been gaining lots of supporters in person and online over the past several weeks. None of it is manufactured by the GOP party bosses, either. Clayton has been crisscrossing the district and his motivated grassroots supporters have been knocking on thousands of doors. And his positive, pro-America, pro-Constitution message has been attracting people who haven't been politically active before.

Ed Franz for Congress supporters: It really is gut check time. Do you want a conservative candidate for Pennsylvania? I know you want to support Franz, but it's time to dig down deep and accept that he's not going to win, and every vote that goes to him further enhances the chances of Kelly and Huber. And who wants that to happen?

We already know that Kelly is counting on Franz and Fisher voters to siphon away enough conservative voters from Huber to torpedo Huber and keep Grabb at bay. The Steven Fisher for Congress campaign and the Dr. Martha Moore for Congress campaign are even worse off than the Franz campaign. But every vote does Kelly's favor.

Take a moment and check out Clayton Grabb. He's a conservative. You'll be impressed. You'll be proud of him. You'll be glad to support him.

And finally, Ed Franz has said on multiple occasions that if he wasn't running, he'd support Clayton.

Do you want a conservative or do you want a RINO? It's gut check time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

PA-3: Which Conservative Candidate Can Win?

...and I'm not talking about Kelly or Huber. Both have proven themselves to be RINOs at best and dirty politicians at worst. Both have shown incredible weaknesses that will easily be exploited by Dahlkemper and her liberal hit squad. If either candidate wins the primary, Dahlkemper wins in the fall.

So, how should a conservative vote this Tuesday? Let's look at some political reality:

Martha Moore - Her campaign appears to be non-existent. She doesn't seem to be on message when out of her element. She has no electronic presence, which is crucial in 2010. She's a nice person, but that simply isn't enough to get out a message across a large district.

Steve Fisher - He has a campaign that is based close to home. It certainly doesn't span the district. This will simply guarantee that he won't pull enough votes. His electronic presence is absolutely minimal.

Ed Franz - One of the nicest guys out there, but again, it isn't enough. He has pockets of good campaign staff, but they simply have been underused. His electronic presence started well, but has been stalled for a long time. I don't know if he abandoned it or if his campaign stalled, too. He started out with a load of energy, but has lost his "buzz."

Clayton Grabb - He started with a small, meek campaign. He was "Clayton Who?" for quite a while. Then he showed up at the forums and people were drawn to his message. He slowly built an electronic presence then began to personally blanket the entire district holding his own town hall events. His message hasn't changed and his followers have only gotten more loyal and willing to spread the message.

Clayton Grabb is hitting his stride. The other candidates aren't. Conservatives can vote for Moore, Fisher, or Franz, but they aren't going to win. No objective, statistical breakdown will give them a chance at winning. The more conservatives that vote for them will increase the odds of Kelly or Huber winning. And what conservative wants that?

Conservatives of PA-3: Please support Grabb. His views are very similar to those of Moore, Fisher, and Franz. The big difference is that he has a strong chance of winning. He has incredible grassroots support across the entire district. He will make you proud by staying true to his roots - and he doesn't have the baggage that Huber and Kelly have.

To guarantee a conservative win, vote for Grabb.

Friday, May 14, 2010

PA-3: Why Sling Mud When You Can Sling Cow Pies?

The absolute silliness of the Kelly-Huber continues! I guess both thought they should "cowboy up" and try to out-man each other by fighting about who has spent more time with cows. Seriously.

Hat tip to
“Unlike Paul, I grew up on a farm,” Kelly said during the debate at Allegheny College.

In reality, both of them grew up on farms—just different kinds of farms. But that didn’t stop each of them from taking shots at their opponent’s farming bona fides.

In Erie, Huber made sure a reporter understand that his reference at the debate to an “82-pound cow” indicated how much milk it produces, not how much it weights.

“I would wager that most of [my opponents] wouldn’t know what that remark was about unless you explained it to them,” Huber said in Erie. “I can speak the language of this district.

“Not having a farming background makes it tough to understand these issues,” Huber added. “I will bet you a dollar to the doughnut that Mike Kelly has never milked a cow.”

Asked if he has, Huber quickly responded, “You’re damn right. More than once.”

Later, while waiting for a campaign event to start in Parker, Kelly joked that Huber “can keep his dollar.”

“We didn’t have dairy cattle,” Kelly said. “We had beef cattle. You don’t want to milk them. He can keep the money, I don’t want him to milk the bull.

“I’m not as stupid as he thinks,” Kelly added. “I’ll bet dollars to the doughnut that only one of us will come out if we go behind the barn. He likes people to believe that he’s a little farm boy, and he’s not a little farm boy.”

So, a comment in a debate has turned into an invitation for a fistfight. Classy. Do either of these men deserve your vote? Seriously, at what point do Kelly and Huber supporters say, "You know, these guys are acting so poorly that Dahlkemper is going to tear up either one. Maybe it's time to find someone with some humility, civility, and a positive message."

At this point, both Kelly and Huber should forget about cows...they both look like a pair of horses' rear ends.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PA-3: Mike Kelly is Now a Moderate?

Mike Kelly has spent a few hundred thousand dollars telling the voters of PA-3 how he's a conservative...but he just told the fine folks of Erie, PA that he's a moderate!

Hat tip to
"Kelly admits running in a field of six has its drawbacks, but says in the end his moderate platform and business experience are a winning combination for the third district." Butler he's a conservative, but in Erie he's a moderate. Now we know why the GOP bosses love him so much and privately endorse him.

"Great" moderates such as Phil "RINO" English and Tom "Color Code" Ridge hail from the north. So, if you want a moderate, vote Kelly! If you want a candidate who tells one group one thing and tells another group another thing, vote Kelly! If you want a Republican just like those who screwed up the government so badly that Obama was able to cruise into office, vote Kelly!

Kelly = RINO. Right from the mouth of Kelly. The irony is that it was English's RINO actions that cost him his seat. Apparently, Kelly think that he can make it work. As a conservative and principled Republican, I couldn't vote for English. This should be interesting.

Friday, May 07, 2010

PA-3: Clayton Grabb Meet-and-Greet in Grove City on May 11

Republican candidate Clayton Grabb will make a campaign stop in Grove City on Tuesday, May 11 from 7pm-9pm. The event will be at the Grove City Borough Building, 123 W. Main St.

Bring your questions, bring your comments, bring your neighbors and friends!

This is a great opportunity to meet a great candidate (supported by yours truly) and get to know where he stands on the issues of the day.

Quick notes about Clayton:
- Constitutional conservative
- Christian family man
- The only veteran (Navy) in the race...and the best flattop in the race!
- Not a "chosen party man"...he's American first, conservative second, Republican third

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Appeal Rejected: Wife Killer Scott Dunn Continues to Rot in Jail

Scott Dunn - best known to the Grove City community as the low-life drug addict who brutally murdered his wife and burned the house down - was told to pound salt by the PA Supreme Court.

Dunn actually appealed his "sweetheart deal" of a 24-year sentence. From The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Misko also claimed Dobson focused too much on the beating and fire, and not enough on Dunn’s character, criminal history, rehabilitation needs and his plea, which relieved the district attorney’s office and Ms. Dunn’s family from having to go through a trial.
Egads! The judge focused on the malicious action of a psychopath and not on his poor rehab needs. As far as his character? Dunn is lucky that Dobson didn't tack on an extra 10 years for his character. Of course, the worst part of this whole appeal is that the Montgomery family will never get to see Brandi again.

Here's more from the story:
GROVE CITY — Some 1 1/2 years after Scott A. Dunn asked the state Supreme Court to hear an appeal of his sentence, the court on Wednesday said no.

The court’s consideration of the request was put on hold for about six months as it considered an issue in another case that mirrored part of Dunn’s appeal.

Dunn, 31, who is being held in Huntingdon, pleaded guilty to charges that he beat his wife, Brandon C. “Brandi” Montgomery Dunn, to death on Jan. 14, 2006, in her parents’ Grove City home, and torched it to try to cover up the death.

The Supreme Court decision lets stand a Sept. 2, 2008, Superior Court ruling that backed the sentence handed down by Mercer County Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas R. Dobson.

Dobson sentenced Dunn to 24 years, 4 months, to 52 years in prison on charges of voluntary manslaughter, abuse of a corpse and two counts of arson.

In Dunn’s appeal, Stephen M. Misko of Butler said Dobson incorrectly exceeded sentencing guidelines on one of the arson charges and should have merged the arson charges — one dealing with endangering firefighters and one dealing with property — into a single count for sentencing.

DEP shelves Tri-County Industries' Trash Mountain

It seems that the blind squirrels at the DEP can find a nut now and then...

Here's some great news from the DEP Newsroom:
Local Zoning Issue Leads DEP to Suspend Review of Mercer County Landfill Permit Applications

MEADVILLE -- The Department of Environmental Protection has suspended its review of Tri-County Landfill’s air plan and industrial wastewater discharge permit applications until disagreements over a local zoning issue in Pine Township, Mercer County, are resolved.

The issue specifically relates to the company’s planned municipal waste landfill in Pine and Liberty townships.

Pine Township first called on Tri-County Landfill LLC to apply for a local zoning variance in 2004, but did not have the required comprehensive plan in place that would allow DEP to consider the land use issue. In 2005, Pine Township and Mercer County enacted comprehensive land use plans that the township is now using as the basis for its position.

When Tri-County notified Pine Township in 2009 that it had submitted the air plan and industrial wastewater discharge permit applications, the township again brought to the attention of DEP the unresolved zoning conflict.

“It’s DEP’s policy to always attempt to honor local government’s control over land use, so we are suspending our reviews of these permit applications,” DEP Regional Director Kelly Burch said. “We will not resume our review of these applications until the conflict is resolved.”

Both outstanding permit applications pertain to by-products produced when landfill waste decomposes; the air plan relates to a system for managing methane gas and the discharge permit would apply to the waste liquid, or leachate.

DEP received a solid waste permit application pertaining to the new proposed landfill on Aug. 23, 2004. It initially denied the application after completing the environmental assessment, or benefits/harms analysis, because of bird strike issues.

Tri-County appealed that denial and subsequently provided supplemental information that led DEP to reverse its decision in 2008, approve the environmental assessment and move on to the technical review, or second phase of the permit review process.

DEP has finished its review of the solid waste permit application for the landfill, but has not yet made a decision. That decision will not be made until the department completes its review of the other permit applications.

This is super news for the Grove City area! But as a reminder: be vigilant! TCI will stop at nothing to build the Trash Mountain. Stay sharp and keep up the good fight!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

PA-3: Why I Support Clayton Grabb

First, let me say that I'm not pretentious enough to think that my opinion is a game changer. It's just my opinion and you're always welcome to agree or disagree. God bless America! Anyway, I'm just a blogger, though I have been for years. I've also been a local politician for a little over four years. I say this because I have talked the talk and I have walked the walk.

After talking with the candidates and reading news accounts of their words and actions, it's time to pick a horse.

I'm endorsing Clayton Grabb for congress.

Each candidate is talking about important issues like jobs, healthcare, trade, and national security. These are issues that are critical to the future of our country.

But all of those issues take a back seat to the Constitution. And that tremendous document is taking quite a beating lately.

We need someone who is passionate about the Constitution and understands how it guides the issues of the day. It is obvious that Clayton Grabb has a passion for the Constitution and is quick to discuss it at any chance. Perhaps it is a love of country that is based from his service in the Navy. He took an oath to uphold and defend the Country and Constitution. He still cherishes that oath and takes it seriously.

You see, the Constitution is the key founding document to laying out how our country operates. Everything stems from the Constitution. Taxation, infrastructure, defense...when someone is guided by the Constitution, you can trust that he will work to uphold it. When someone swears to defend it, and actually puts his life on the line, you can trust that he will work to defend it. All of it. He won't just pick and choose parts to defend.

Speaking of defense, Clayton Grabb fully understands the ways and means necessary to defend our country. He served in the Navy. He has an incredible love of the troops that only a person who served can understand. I've tried to understand it, but I can tell that I'm an outsider in that world. Our great military folks simply have a connection that I'll never be able to capture. And this righteous connection is something that Clayton Grabb cherishes. He won't deploy on a whim. And he won't leave our troops out to dry, either.

Clayton Grabb has worked in PA-3 for many years as a sales representative. He understands the district, as well as the ups and downs of the economy and how it affects businesses, large and small. He has seen the crushing effect of taxation and regulation. He has seen businesses shrink and close. He has seen people lose jobs. He wants to reverse the assault on business.

Clayton Grabb is a Christian family man, too. Now, this isn't to say that he'll be doing healing services on the floor of Congress. Well - except for healing the Constitution! I'm pointing out this because although he may have a strong grounding in the Constitution, he's grounded in something bigger: a faith in God and love of family. This faith will keep him grounded in a very ugly swamp called Washington, DC. And this love will keep him grounded in the real world. Clayton Grabb is pro-life.

Clayton Grabb is also in favor of term limits. He has declared that he will only serve four terms (eight years). He's on record with this commitment. He's also on record saying that when his time is up, he will be fine with it. He doesn't want to be a career politician. Heck, he doesn't want to be a politician. He wants to be a citizen-legislator: get elected, follow the Constitution, improve the country, go home to the family.

Finally, Clayton Grabb is an American first. He's a conservative second. He's a Republican third. This isn't to say that being a Republican isn't important to him: he's a lifelong Republican. He's just not a party hack. He's not a slave to the party. He's a servant to the country. The GOP has lost its way over the last sixteen years. It has been following the lead of the Democrats: spend, spend, spend. Congress and the presidency belong to the Dems because of liberal and RINO GOPers. And now the same GOP members want to go back in to "save" the country. No thanks!

It's time for a change. It's time for conservative Americans to take the lead. It's time for citizen-legislators to step up to the plate. It's time for folks like Clayton Grabb.

Please vote for Clayton Grabb on May 18!