Monday, May 17, 2010

Ed Franz for Congress Supporters: Gut Check Time

I know lots of Franz supporters. They like Ed - and for good reason. He's a good guy with some good ideas and a passion to see things get fixed in Washington.

The political reality is that his campaign is stalling out. There is none of that magical "buzz" around PA-3 over Franz. His electronic presence was stagnant until a flurry of self-driven activity in the last couple days. I've seen Franz signs disappear from yards (not intersections), which is never a good sign. Granted, they may have been stolen, but other signs seem to be remaining in yards.

The truth be told, only one of the conservatives running has that "buzz" going into the home stretch. That would be Clayton Grabb. He has been gaining lots of supporters in person and online over the past several weeks. None of it is manufactured by the GOP party bosses, either. Clayton has been crisscrossing the district and his motivated grassroots supporters have been knocking on thousands of doors. And his positive, pro-America, pro-Constitution message has been attracting people who haven't been politically active before.

Ed Franz for Congress supporters: It really is gut check time. Do you want a conservative candidate for Pennsylvania? I know you want to support Franz, but it's time to dig down deep and accept that he's not going to win, and every vote that goes to him further enhances the chances of Kelly and Huber. And who wants that to happen?

We already know that Kelly is counting on Franz and Fisher voters to siphon away enough conservative voters from Huber to torpedo Huber and keep Grabb at bay. The Steven Fisher for Congress campaign and the Dr. Martha Moore for Congress campaign are even worse off than the Franz campaign. But every vote does Kelly's favor.

Take a moment and check out Clayton Grabb. He's a conservative. You'll be impressed. You'll be proud of him. You'll be glad to support him.

And finally, Ed Franz has said on multiple occasions that if he wasn't running, he'd support Clayton.

Do you want a conservative or do you want a RINO? It's gut check time.

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