Friday, May 21, 2010

PA-3: Mike Kelly for Congress wants to unite the GOP

That's what The Herald (Sharon, PA) is claiming in a headline.

I'm not sure how he's going to do that after the sheer damage he and Paul Huber did to their own reputations. After talking with hundreds of GOP members in the last several weeks, I've decided to help out Mike Kelly. Why not? All is fair in love and politics, right?

Here are my suggestions free of charge!

- Tell the truth. Simple, right? Sadly it has eluded you. Are you a moderate, like you told the people in Erie? Or are you a conservative, like you told the people in Butler? Which is it?

- Stop all of the mud slinging. Pointing out records is one thing, but slinging mud turns off lots of voters.

- Stop the daily mailers. You want to be fiscally responsible by wasting resources? Huh? I heard TONS of people make comments like that.

- Kick the establishment to the curb. They control you, Mike. You may not want to admit it, but they own you. There are a lot more voters than there are party hacks. But you must love being coddled and wooed by the party hacks. Try to be your own man for once.

- Kick the Harrisburg and DC consultants to the curb. They love how you throw piles of cash at them...and that's the only reason why they love you. But they are killing your image. It seems obvious to everyone but you: PA-3 is NOT Harrisburg or DC.

- Figure out a better answer to the Cash for Clunkers albatross around your neck. Your lust of money has caused you to say some stupid things about this issue. Maybe you should just be honest about it and hope it goes away...

- Control your temper. You come across as an angry old man. You have been a bully and people hate bullies. I would suggest finding a way to have a servant's heart.

- Do NOT stage any more phony events. That "tea party" you staged in Butler was a sham. Just because you tricked (or bribed) a couple candidates to fall for it, doesn't mean that people bought it. I think three people total believed it was real. A simple investigation revealed it was set up for YOU. Absolutely shameful.

There you go. And it didn't cost you $20,000 in "consultant" fees. Feel free to use all of them. Or you can ignore it and keep doing what you are doing...and lose by 20 points in November. 72% of PA-3 GOP voted against you. 46% of PA-3 voted for a conservative and against establishment politics. The message boards are chattering about write-in drives. A libertarian is entering the race, which will draw conservatives. If you want to attract them to your camp, you might want to consider your options.


Anonymous said...

Exactly correct, Rich. Who is the Libertarian candidate?

Rich Talbert said...

Ebert G. "Bill" Beeman from Erie is the Libertarian Party candidate. I don't know anything about him...yet.