Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PA-3: Mike Kelly is Now a Moderate?

Mike Kelly has spent a few hundred thousand dollars telling the voters of PA-3 how he's a conservative...but he just told the fine folks of Erie, PA that he's a moderate!

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"Kelly admits running in a field of six has its drawbacks, but says in the end his moderate platform and business experience are a winning combination for the third district." Butler he's a conservative, but in Erie he's a moderate. Now we know why the GOP bosses love him so much and privately endorse him.

"Great" moderates such as Phil "RINO" English and Tom "Color Code" Ridge hail from the north. So, if you want a moderate, vote Kelly! If you want a candidate who tells one group one thing and tells another group another thing, vote Kelly! If you want a Republican just like those who screwed up the government so badly that Obama was able to cruise into office, vote Kelly!

Kelly = RINO. Right from the mouth of Kelly. The irony is that it was English's RINO actions that cost him his seat. Apparently, Kelly think that he can make it work. As a conservative and principled Republican, I couldn't vote for English. This should be interesting.

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