Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PA-3: Clayton Grabb Finishes Strong, Conservatives Reject GOP, Mike Kelly Problems Ahead

Team Grabb Finishes Strong

What a ride! It was so much fun being part of a congressional campaign, even if we came up short. While many sit on the sidelines and complain, a few do get off their rear ends and try to make a difference. Clayton Grabb and his supporters had limited resources, but they worked to inform voters about the conservative message. Clayton finished third with no support from the party! Clayton received the most votes per dollar spent. It was an awesome achievement that shows the power of grassroots campaigning.

I met a ton of great people - from full-bore supporters to average voters who want a change in Washington and in the GOP. These folks were Clayton's family, friends, neighbors, and lots of total strangers who simply came together and rallied around the flag of conservatism. And it was truly awesome to see! I met a lot of people who are charged up and ready to get involved any way they can.

And even in defeat, they were gracious. There wasn't any wailing or gnashing of teeth. Of course they were saddened and frustrated by the loss, but that quickly turned into an attitude of "What can we do next?" These people aren't going back to the sidelines. They're anxious for the next chance to make a difference. It was a special thing to see.

GOP Party Bosses Rejoice

From the beginning, everyone knew that Mike Kelly had to be persuaded to run. But the GOP establishment finally got their man! They hired overpriced consultants to throw mud everywhere they could. The "neutral" GOP party bosses tried holding "Mike Kelly Forums" in most of the counties, but when the word got out, they were forced to bring in the other candidates. But they still endorsed Kelly during the events by many slips of the tongue.

They even staged a fake "tea party" at Kelly's dealership to make him seem conservative (yes, Kelly campaign, pretty much everyone knows you staged it). My own research was confirmed yesterday by an insider who said it was organized specifically around Kelly, and they didn't even consider inviting others until they were advised by the insider that they'd have to.

So after all the mud, after all the not-so-secret deals, after all the staged events, and after a boatload of cash changed hands, Kelly won! GOP bosses rejoice!

GOP Establishment Problem

A whopping 46% of voters voted against the two "front runners" in the race. This is because people wanted a conservative (but the votes were split), because they were sick of the negative ads, and because they didn't want to be told by the GOP establishment for whom to vote. Even worse, 72% of the voters in PA-3 didn't want what Mike Kelly had to offer. Ouch.

And the establishment didn't just sit on their hands for this election, they flat-out worked against the conservatives, as outlined above.

Now the establishment has a problem. They ticked off a lot of people. But they don't call the GOP "The Stupid Party" for nothing! Someone forgot to remind them that two years ago, we showed Phil English the door for being a party-pushed RINO hack. Now we have Phil English II. But for some twisted reason, the establishment is probably thinking that we'll fall in line and vote for PE2 just to get rid of Dahlkemper. Hey, guys...we didn't the first time!

Dahlkemper has an easy campaign ahead of her. While discussing the experiences at the polls, so many of the volunteers were commenting about how people were proclaiming that they'd vote for ANYONE but Kelly or Huber. They didn't like the message OR the messenger. And Kelly has a history of bullying people and blowing his stack. Dahlkemper simply has to push one of Kelly's many hot buttons during a debate. Dahlkemper should only pay her consultant minimum wage because beating Kelly will be so easy.

So the GOP party bosses got what they wanted. And now they get to work on repairing what they did. Don't fall for it. If Kelly is going to earn your vote, make him work for it. Make him PROVE that he's sorry for running such an awful campaign. Make him PROVE that he isn't controlled by the GOP establishment. Make him PROVE that he's going to become a conservative. Remember, this is the guy who said during an Erie interview that his "moderate platform" will attract voters. 72% of the voters weren't attracted. Egads!

As of today, the GOP in PA-3 has shown that they don't want or care about the conservative vote. They want control. Don't give it to them. Make them beg you for it.

72% of the voters can't be wrong.

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