Saturday, May 15, 2010

PA-3: Which Conservative Candidate Can Win?

...and I'm not talking about Kelly or Huber. Both have proven themselves to be RINOs at best and dirty politicians at worst. Both have shown incredible weaknesses that will easily be exploited by Dahlkemper and her liberal hit squad. If either candidate wins the primary, Dahlkemper wins in the fall.

So, how should a conservative vote this Tuesday? Let's look at some political reality:

Martha Moore - Her campaign appears to be non-existent. She doesn't seem to be on message when out of her element. She has no electronic presence, which is crucial in 2010. She's a nice person, but that simply isn't enough to get out a message across a large district.

Steve Fisher - He has a campaign that is based close to home. It certainly doesn't span the district. This will simply guarantee that he won't pull enough votes. His electronic presence is absolutely minimal.

Ed Franz - One of the nicest guys out there, but again, it isn't enough. He has pockets of good campaign staff, but they simply have been underused. His electronic presence started well, but has been stalled for a long time. I don't know if he abandoned it or if his campaign stalled, too. He started out with a load of energy, but has lost his "buzz."

Clayton Grabb - He started with a small, meek campaign. He was "Clayton Who?" for quite a while. Then he showed up at the forums and people were drawn to his message. He slowly built an electronic presence then began to personally blanket the entire district holding his own town hall events. His message hasn't changed and his followers have only gotten more loyal and willing to spread the message.

Clayton Grabb is hitting his stride. The other candidates aren't. Conservatives can vote for Moore, Fisher, or Franz, but they aren't going to win. No objective, statistical breakdown will give them a chance at winning. The more conservatives that vote for them will increase the odds of Kelly or Huber winning. And what conservative wants that?

Conservatives of PA-3: Please support Grabb. His views are very similar to those of Moore, Fisher, and Franz. The big difference is that he has a strong chance of winning. He has incredible grassroots support across the entire district. He will make you proud by staying true to his roots - and he doesn't have the baggage that Huber and Kelly have.

To guarantee a conservative win, vote for Grabb.

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