Friday, May 14, 2010

PA-3: Why Sling Mud When You Can Sling Cow Pies?

The absolute silliness of the Kelly-Huber continues! I guess both thought they should "cowboy up" and try to out-man each other by fighting about who has spent more time with cows. Seriously.

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“Unlike Paul, I grew up on a farm,” Kelly said during the debate at Allegheny College.

In reality, both of them grew up on farms—just different kinds of farms. But that didn’t stop each of them from taking shots at their opponent’s farming bona fides.

In Erie, Huber made sure a reporter understand that his reference at the debate to an “82-pound cow” indicated how much milk it produces, not how much it weights.

“I would wager that most of [my opponents] wouldn’t know what that remark was about unless you explained it to them,” Huber said in Erie. “I can speak the language of this district.

“Not having a farming background makes it tough to understand these issues,” Huber added. “I will bet you a dollar to the doughnut that Mike Kelly has never milked a cow.”

Asked if he has, Huber quickly responded, “You’re damn right. More than once.”

Later, while waiting for a campaign event to start in Parker, Kelly joked that Huber “can keep his dollar.”

“We didn’t have dairy cattle,” Kelly said. “We had beef cattle. You don’t want to milk them. He can keep the money, I don’t want him to milk the bull.

“I’m not as stupid as he thinks,” Kelly added. “I’ll bet dollars to the doughnut that only one of us will come out if we go behind the barn. He likes people to believe that he’s a little farm boy, and he’s not a little farm boy.”

So, a comment in a debate has turned into an invitation for a fistfight. Classy. Do either of these men deserve your vote? Seriously, at what point do Kelly and Huber supporters say, "You know, these guys are acting so poorly that Dahlkemper is going to tear up either one. Maybe it's time to find someone with some humility, civility, and a positive message."

At this point, both Kelly and Huber should forget about cows...they both look like a pair of horses' rear ends.

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