Saturday, May 22, 2010

PA-50: State Senator Bob Robbins is now a Democrat

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The lust for power has no bounds.

State Senator Bob Robbins (R-50), in an attempt to avoid any challengers, ran a write-in campaign to appear on the Democrat ticket for November's general election. He sent out a mailer encouraging the support of local Dems and even had signs made to put at polling locations.

This action enraged many local Dems and drove two to launch their own write-in campaigns. But since Robbins appeared to have the support of Mercer County Democrat Chair Robert Lark, it appears he has been successful.

This fall, voters in the 50th district will have two choices: Republican Bob Robbins and Democrat Bob Robbins. The filing deadline for independent candidates is still months away, so we'll see if anyone is able to obtain the proper amount of valid signatures.

Have you ever seen such a gross display of the lust for power? Does this man have no shame? Is he unable to stand on his record against any competitors that he has to hold both sides of the ticket to ensure his re-election?

And he spent $43,000 to do it!

Bob Robbins has to go. He is now the localized version of Arlen Specter. Actually, he's worse. At least Specter picked one side. We can only hope a competent challenger arises in time for the fall.

Finally, Mercer County GOP chair David King and Democrat chair Robert Lark should resign for this disgusting fiasco.

Ultimately - and perhaps more disgustingly - one has to wonder why an aging guy like Robbins wants to cling so bitterly to power. Some of my conservative friends and I have been speculating for months that Robbins simply isn't interested in serving out his term. He'll get re-elected then retire at some point in his term. At that point, Representative Michele Brooks will be conveniently placed in his seat. Sounds familiar? Well, that's how she got her seat when Rep. Rod Wilt abruptly retired.

What about Brooks' seat? Well, the Bob Robbins/Ginny Richardson protege Brian Shipley will be moved into the seat. Who is Shipley? Well, he was a very young Mercer County Commissioner until he used a county credit card for porn, prostitutes, and hotel rooms (and I've been told much, MUCH worse). He disappeared for quite a while and eventually turned up as a Greenville councilman. Low and behold (and with the Robbins/Richardson influence) he's now the council president! And everyone knows he'd never survive a primary for a state rep seat, let alone a general, so why not give him the power of incumbency?!?

If you aren't sick yet, you aren't paying attention...

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