Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill

- Why is it that Obama can't bring himself to show any respect or call any attention to the rig workers who died? He mentioned them in passing and that's it.

- This nightmare spill is gushing out of control because of liberals in Congress and environmentalists. There is no sane reason that oil rigs should be pushed so far off the coast that they have to go through a mile of water before they start drilling. If they could drill closer to the shore, they'd only need to go through a few hundred feet of water. Capping this leak would have been done in the first week. Regulations to "save the environment" are killing it instead. What a surprise...

- Anyone who thinks the government should step in and take control is a fool. The government does not have the resources, ability, intellectual understanding, or motivation to stop this spill. BP has all of those. Does anyone think that BP enjoys losing millions of dollars or being the punching bag of the world? If anyone can stop the spill, it's BP.

- If you are wondering why Obama has been slow to respond, just ask yourself about the financial and political implications of the spill and response. Who received the most money from BP during the last election cycle? Barack Obama! He isn't going to beat them up too badly because he's addicted to its cash. Does talking about the oil spill help Obama further his push of communism? Heck, no! He just needs to sit back, watch BP struggle, then push for sweeping changes for oil companies. Heck, he may even go as far as Hugo Chavez and try to nationalize some or all of the oil companies. Crazy? Ask yourself who owns many of the banks and car companies...

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