Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robbins' Lust for Power Costs $43,000

According to The Herald (Sharon, PA), State Senator Bob Robbins plopped down $43,000 to capture the Democratic side of the ticket this fall.

Campaign filings for state Sen. Robert D. Robbins, Salem Township, R-50th District, say he spent $43,146 on L.N. Consulting, Harrisburg, who Robbins said helped piece together four mailers, a “robo-call,” and yard signs that urged Democrats to write him in on their side of the ballot.

It's a mind-boggling number for a couple reasons:
- It's about half the salary of his job. Something must have told him that May was a great month to blow a lot of money because...
- He was unopposed! He had no one on the GOP or the Dem side, so for some reason, he felt the need to become an honorary Democrat.

Was he afraid of some independent challenger to come along? Was he afraid of some Democrat write-in strategy? (Keep in mind, his foolish efforts brought two Dems out of the woodwork to challenge his primary efforts.)

Now Robbins has done the incredible: he has willingly and intentionally painted himself as a selfish, power-lusting politician. Instead of cruising to yet another victory, he has made himself look like the worst sort of person - the very embodiment of why people HATE politics.

Now the table is set for an independent challenger to ride the wave of discontent against Robbins. As of right now, the only person of whom I know that is running is Roberta Biros. You may recall that she is the woman who was a Republican a couple years ago, was blown off by the Robbins-Richardson-led Mercer County GOP, switched to the Democrat side to run against Ginny Richardson, got totally trounced, then vowed to go after everyone on her blog. Well, now she's an independent and running against Robbins.

I suppose we'll see how this election shapes up this political season...