Saturday, July 17, 2010

PA-3: The GOP Tactic is Negative, Negative, Negative

This is mind boggling.

There's an interesting trend going on in chat rooms, message boards, and forums. If you dare question Mike Kelly, someone magically shows up and bashes you. They don't address your comments. They don't tell you why/how you are incorrect. They don't tell you how awesome Kelly is.

They bash you. Over and over.

Sound familiar? It should. Mike Kelly ran his primary campaign in the same way. Now he has Phil English's folks behind the wheel - and the "bash" method was Phil's craft. Every time he bashed his opponent, he kept losing supporters. What a shock! How many people do you know who are attracted to negative people?

And then the Dems ran Kathy Dahlkemper and English's campaign style earned him a trip to the unemployment line.

Now we have Mike Kelly and his crew doing the exact thing. Mind boggling. Doesn't anyone study history anymore? Someone seems doomed to repeat some mistakes...


JD Gib said...

**Posted this on Roberta's blog today and she did not make it visible...


Here is the link to where you made these comments -

1) He worked on fundraising directly after primary. He is not a RINO (check out his issues page on his website). I know he most certainly did contact the other candidates after the primary (many of them told me themselves).

2) I have gotten calls from Kelly's team for events, fundraisers, press conferences weekly. I follow their facebook, website, twitter. He has been meeting plenty of people and sometimes goes to double digit events per day. Look at his flickr for some examples.

3) He is getting positive press for holding events highlighting Kathy D's out of control spending habit and voting with Pelosi 94 percent of the time.

Conclusion: If you really are a Conservative you would realize this guy is not Phil English and is a heckuva a person. Jason Reeher posts for Kathy D. and also has Dahlkemper signs in his yard friends in Grove City/Mercer Area tell me. All in All, we need REAL Conservatives to blog and get rid of Dahlkemper like you said yourself. I read Rich Talbert too, and he has a bone to pick with Mike Kelly for some reason (he liked Clayton Grabb). Mike Kelly is as honest as they come people put aside the fact that you supported another candidate and rally together for our country and future generation for their sake.

If all the candidates really cared about what is best for the 3rd District they would be out there helping Mike Kelly. Paul Huber probably will not - he is a very bitter man over this I have heard from sources. I wish he would help. He seemed very nice when I met him.

Steve Fisher and Ed Franz have attended many events for Mike Kelly. I have seen them there with my own eyes.

I have not heard about Dr. Martha Moore and Clayton Grabb. They should jump on the ship too like Steve and Ed.

Godspeed to you!!!!!

JD Gib

PS - I haven't volunteered for a campaign until 2009, but this country is going the wrong way and I couldnt sit around and complain and not do anything about it -- thats for Democrats to do!!!!!

Rich Talbert said...


You note that Kelly is honest. Well, was he telling the truth when he told the Butler County crowd that he's a conservative, or when he told Erie citizens that they'll like his moderate platform? Which Mike Kelly do you believe?

Was he telling the truth when he said after the primary that he was going to contract the other candidates and unite the party? You'll note that he still hasn't done this. Which Mike Kelly do you believe?

If Kelly wants to reform DC, why did he hire English/Specter/Ridge RINO workers to run his campaign? Is he a conservative or a RINO? Which Mike Kelly do you believe?

Mike Kelly talks tough on bailouts, yet he participated in Cash For Clunkers, claiming he "had to" to compete. Now that we have found CFC to be a sham, Kelly sold out his principles for good, old-fashioned greed. Which Mike Kelly do you believe?

And finally, let's not forget Kelly's phony tea party fiasco. He made up the group, had a fake tea party to pretend that he was a conservative constitutionalist, then acted like it was an independent group that contacted him. Well, that has all been proven false. Kelly did the whole thing. Which Mike Kelly do you believe?

Kelly may be sending you info now, but his electronic grassroots communications were nearly dead until about a month ago. Does he want the job? Or are his handlers a little smarter than we think they are by keeping Kelly away from people? It seems he has a serious "truth problem" every time he opens his mouth. I can understand why they don't want him out there.

Is Kelly better than Princess Kathy on policy? Heck, yes. But both are woefully short on character. Both are willing to say anything to get elected, both are willing to dump core beliefs for personal benefit. This election is truly a vote for the lesser of two evils. Either way, you are voting for everything that's wrong with DC.

Thanks for posting...

JD Gib said...


I give you credit. At least you POST my COMMENTS unlike Roberta Biros. She cannot handle the truth, so she simply doesn't post my comments. I know this because she approves comments left hours after mine were left. After I see this, I then resubmit numerous times. She's running a SOCIALIST BLOG over there!

Anyways...where was I?

Mike Kelly is a CONSERVATIVE, you lifted that from an Erie Times article that they paraphrased Mike Kelly. I do not know a more Conservative candidate than Mr. Kelly. I have personally quized him numerous times and he has passed the litmus test with flying colors.

Mike Kelly CONTACTED all of the PRIMARY candidates. I asked him about this after seeing it on your blog. I have seen Ed Franz and Steve Fisher at multiple events for Mr. Kelly. Matter of fact - he invited all of the candidates to an event after the primary. He has reached out to every candidate...I just think some are being sore losers...

There's a Toyota and Mazda dealership on each side of Kelly Chevrolet. They were participating in Cash for Clunkers. If Kelly's did not participate how much business would they have gotten during those months?? I would rather buy a brand new car for $4,000 less myself. If Mike didn't do Cash for Clunkers he would have directly lowered EVERY employees wages in his company. While he did not agree with it...he saved jobs for workers supporting a family.

Tea Party Group had been established. I know a founding member of it. Mike Kelly did not start that group Rich. He offered his dealerships private property and they accepted. How can you fault him for donating something to the group?

Mike Kelly seems to be at every parade, fair, and community event he can attend lately. I went to the AARP debate and he cleaned Kathy's clock. He is a man of his word.

Thanks for hosting an OPEN website unlike ROBERTA BIROS. She platforms on these campaigns of hers on open gov't - yet runs a COMMUNIST REGIME website. Imagine that!?


Rich Talbert said...

First, I'm not interested in attacking other bloggers. They have the right to post or not post. I know that I've deleted comments (usually spam or filled with vulgarity) in the past.

Second, let's deal with your Kelly comments...

- Kelly's Erie article couldn't have been "paraphrased" since it was a direct quote. Sure, the writer could have screwed it up, but when you say people will like your moderate platform, that's quite telling. It's not like he said "I DON'T have a moderate platform...I'm a 100% conservative!" That would have been obvious. When you say "moderate," it carries a certain meaning in politics. Either Kelly was trying to be a moderate in Erie (and hoping no one would notice) or he's a political moron who doesn't know that "moderate" is a highly charged word among conservatives. Which is it?

- I talked with Kelly when he kicked off his campaign in Grove City. I asked him what political contemporary most matched his beliefs. He looked at me like he didn't understand the question. I kindly threw him a softball and gave him some answers like Reagan, Bush, or McCain. He replied that he's like all three. HUH? How can you say you're conservative and claim to be like McCain?

- Whoever told you that Kelly has contacted all of the candidates to unite the GOP is flat-out lying. I know better. Ask the others and find out for yourself. Yes, he called them many MONTHS after the primary to invite them to an event, but that is NOT the same as calling them up right after the primary to unite the party (as he claimed he would do).

- Kelly was legally able to participate in CFC. But ethically? Sure you could argue that he was helping his employees, but in hindsight, now that we know CFC was a full-blown waste of time and money, it seems he sold out his "conservative credentials" to make the fast buck. He didn't save any jobs...but he lost his credibility.

- One of the "tea party" organizers contacted a political friend of mine about helping set up the Mike Kelly Lovefest on his lot. It was set up for him alone. My friend strongly urged against it. Once the cat was out of the bag, the other candidates were invited. It was all a show to make Kelly look like he was part of it. On top of that, the "tea party" Web site went up right before the event and was dead after the event. Ooops.

As always, enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Mike Kelly absolutely did NOT contact all the candidates after the primary. Some of those candidates tried to contact him for several months prior to the primary and he would not return phone calls or even as much as speak to them! What conservative would donate thousands of dollars to the Democrats in 06,07, and 08? Check the FEC online reports. And what other candidate's wife would go around asking people to take down yard signs for another candidate and replace them with her husband's signs? Conservative does not mean not showing up for several debates to which he had said he was coming! Finally, the lies and commercials he started about other candidates?? Conservative?? I don't think so!!! Who wants such an unethical person for their representative??