Friday, July 09, 2010

PA-3: Is the GOP Trying to Lose on Purpose?

I just don't understand why the PA-3 race is being run so poorly.

Mike Kelly's website events page is blank:

Mike Kelly's Twitter feed is virtually dead:

Mike Kelly's Facebook page was virtually dead until a week ago (about when I pointed out to someone on that it was dead):!/Mi...

Mike Kelly has been MIA since the primaries. It sure doesn't seem like he's working hard. And the rank-and-file GOP isn't remotely close to being unified behind him. Especially now that Kelly has hired former English/Specter/Ridge lapdog Josh Snyder as his new campaign manager. Woohoo! Bring in the RINO lovers! The last I checked, English lost to why bring in the same "winning" team? Are they even trying to win in PA-3?

And to top it off, Kelly told his Butler supporters that he's a conservative. But he told his Erie supporters that they'd support his "moderate platform." What a shock...a lying politician. Which Mike Kelly do you believe? The guy who says he's a conservative but acts like a RINO? Or the guy who says he's a moderate and acts like a RINO?

Perhaps one reason why Kelly is behind on money is because he picked the worst campaign team that convinced him to blow $350K on negative ads? The same ads that ticked off people across the entire district? I worked the polls all day and heard scores of comments about how they "couldn't support a guy who wastes so much money" or "hassles people in their homes by burying them in ads."

A whopping 72% of PA-3 GOP voters voted against Kelly. And Kelly has claimed that he was going to reach out to the other candidates to get everyone on board. I know candidates that are still waiting for that call. Another Mike Kelly lie? It's clearly not a good way to rally the troops...and further shows how the GOP is trying to lose.

The GOP party bosses wanted their candidate...and they got him! They prefer losing with their boy instead of winning with a conservative. Their wish is about to come true.

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