Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Liberty Index Released

...and it ain't pretty.

According to creator Bob Guzzardi,
The purpose of the Liberty Index is to allow the user to find out how his or her Senator and Representative voted and to give the user our evaluation of his or her performance. Because the Liberty Index advances an agenda of Limited Government and Economic Freedom, we have rated legislation whether or not it advances that goal.
So, how does it work? Basically,
The Index reviews each piece of legislation enacted into law or vetoed by Governor, going back to 2003, and gives each a ranking 0-1-2-3 - representing whether legislation advances or restrains liberty and then compiles into a score for each legislator and the Governor for each year.
As for my legislators, the House results were surprising, while the Senate results were more of the same.

After a decade of strong, conservative results, Dick Stevenson dropped to a "C" rating. This surprised me, as Rep. Stevenson is usually quite reliable. We'll see how next year turns out...

For Bob Robbins, the motto seems to be "If you aren't awful at something, TRY HARDER!" Sen. Robbins managed to drop a whopping 21 points and scored a beyond-dreadful "F-" rating. How do you score below "F"? Well, now that State Senator Bob Robbins is a Democrat, I suppose he's doing his best to fit in with the party.

Outside of my district, well, it's no shock that Daryl Metcalfe continues to be the bright spot in all of Harrisburg when it comes to defending liberty and constitutional values. The good news is that he wasn't all alone on the top of the leader board this year! Fourteen house reps received an "A" grade (A+, A, A-). These are the people who deserve your praise and support each time they are under attack by RINOs and socialists.

The complete Liberty Index can be found here.

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