Monday, August 09, 2010

Senator Robbins' Bold BBQ

According to The Herald (Sharon, PA), State Senator Bob Robbins held a BBQ to host "the GOP headliners for the heavyweight bouts to be fought in November for governor and Congress."

How uninspiring. This GOP BBQ is SOL.

First of all, you have Robbins, the Senator Who Will Not Go Away. His disgusting lust for power drove him to be a Democrat for this election, too. He's a RINO of the highest order. Sure, he's pro-Veteran and pro-life, but he'll spend boatloads of your tax dollars on the most blatantly unconstitutional projects.

Then you have Mike Kelly, who by the way, played football at Notre Dame, "running" for the PA-3 congressional seat. I put "running" in quotes because he disappeared for several weeks after the primary. There's a rumor that he's running, but no one has seen him lately...except at GOP-controlled events where he has been demanding that people vote for him. Stay classy, Mike. And he still hasn't reached out to his primary opponents, as he claimed he was after the primary. There's still the whole "Hey, Erie...I'm a moderate!" fiasco that he can't explain away.

Of course, Tom Corbett would be in attendance. He seems to be a easy-win for the guv race, but that doesn't mean he's a great candidate. He's been asleep at the wheel as attorney general while rogue municipalities across the state willfully violate PA law by creating patchwork gun laws. He also subpoenaed bloggers who were critical of his job performance. He has ignored blatant petition fraud by Republicans (Mauree Gingrich) and fully prosecuted petition fraud by Democrats (Linda Bebko-Jones).

No word if Robbins will be hosting a BBQ for his fellow Democrats...

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Anonymous said...

Does it seem to others, like it seems to me, that we get mediocre candidates for governor?