Thursday, October 28, 2010

That’s Rich Conservative Voter’s Guide – 2010 General Election Edition

It’s that time again! The silly season is upon us and it’s important to exercise our civic duty and vote. We’ve seen and heard all of the crazy campaign propaganda and it’s time to make some choices. As always, feel free to disagree. I’m not your father…do your own research and make an informed decision. So let’s dig in, shall we?

US Senator from PA: Sestak vs. Toomey

Joe Sestak (D) is further to the left than Nancy Pelosi. Seriously. Do I need to say more? He’s pro-bailout, pro-stimulus, pro-government healthcare. He was involved in that scandal about Obama buying him out of the primary against Specter. Bill Clinton came to the rescue and the media ignored the story. Sestak is everything that's wrong with politics, unless you're from Chicago.

Pat Toomey (R) is the new darling of the PAGOP establishment…because there is no one else. In 2004, he was the conservative powerhouse that almost defeated Specter. The GOP establishment (including Bush and Santorum) rode in and save Specter and threw the conservatives under the bus (one major reason why Santorum is unemployed). Toomey’s response? Move to the center for 2010! Ugh. He endorsed Sotamayor to the Supreme Court. He has waffled on the pro-life issue. He is fiscally conservative, but he’s definitely not the guy from 2004. I was proud to vote for that guy. The “new” Toomey? Not so much…

Lesser of two evils: Toomey isn’t great, but he’s absolutely far better than Sestak. If this was 2004, I’d be ticked at Toomey. But this is 2010 and we need to wrestle back the US Senate. Toomey isn’t really “evil” but he’s the lesser of two evils in this race.

PA-3 US Congress: Dahlkemper vs. Kelly

Kathy Dahlkemper (D) ousted Phil English by claiming to be a conservative Democrat. She’s either not smart enough to know what it means to be a conservative Democrat or she was flat-out lying. She votes with Nancy Pelosi nearly all of the time. That makes her appear to be a socialist. Then she voted for government healthcare. That makes her a socialist. She sold out her pro-life claims and publicly funded abortions, even though she still thinks she hasn’t (although it is easily provable that she has). She thinks tax dollars belongs to the government, not the people – her latest desperation ad lays that out.

Mike Kelly (R) is the establishment wannabe in this year’s election. He tells one crowd that he’s a conservative and another that he has a moderate platform. He has donated money AGAINST conservative candidates. He has no political instincts, so he surrounded himself with the worst political hacks money can buy, including RINO hit-squad flackies from the English, Ridge, and Specter campaigns. He ran a muckraking primary campaign and 72% of the voters opposed him. He compared himself to Reagan, Bush, AND McCain…if that’s even possible. He’s up big in the polls so he doesn’t have to repeat his mistakes. He just has to keep his temper to himself and keep his mouth shut and he wins by ten points.

Suggestion: Write-in your favorite from the primary. At least you can say you voted for a conservative and kept your principles.

PA Governor: Onorato vs. Corbett

Dan Onorato (D) is Ed Rendell II. Yeah, it’s that simple. Dan is known for being a shoe-shine boy for the unions and there isn’t a tax that Dan won’t hike. He’s liberal to the core and he’ll forever be known for his “tunnel to nowhere” that was supposed to connect downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore. Surprise! It’s way over budget. Shocking. Dan is anti-gun, too. He just said he’d oppose “castle doctrine” which means he’s opposed to you protecting yourself. Cornered in an alley? Don’t ask Dan for help…

Tom Corbett (R) is Tom Ridge II. Yeah, it’s that simple. There’s no one in all of Pennsylvania that is more “establishment politician” than Corbett. He is fully in the pocket of Rob Gleason and the corrupt PAGOP. You don’t want to get in between Tom and a camera. He’s always running in front of the cameras for some pet project or high-profile bust. He’s been campaigning for governor for years. He has done a lot to get handgun carry reciprocity set up between many states, but he has sat back and watched many municipalities pass illegal gun laws. Sure, he can’t stop them, but he wasn’t rushing in front of the camera to use his bully pulpit to point out the abuse of the PA Constitution. He has also slept as the PA State Police built an illegal handgun database. On top of all of that mess, he has subpoenaed bloggers who dared criticize him. Nice. Who needs that pesky First Amendment, anyway?

Lesser of two evils: Plug your nose, grab the barf bag, and consider voting for Corbett. We can’t survive eight more years of Rendell. If you can’t do it (believe me, it’s hard), write in Sam Rohrer. Corbett is up big and probably will win without you, but you can send a message.

PA-8 PA House: Stevenson

Dick Stevenson (R) is running unopposed yet again – and for good reason: he’s a great conservative legislator. He’s the guy we love to see in office. He drives to Harrisburg, casts his vote, and gets the heck out of town. Heck, he even mows his own yard. I should know – he’s my neighbor, which makes him my legislator AND my constituent at the same time. Weird. He’s not without fault – his Liberty Index score took a big dive this year. But that’s simply a fluke, as he’s always near the top every year. Count on it going back up in 2011. If it stays down, then the red flags start flying…

Suggestion: Stevenson

PA-50 State Senate: Robbins vs. Robbins vs. Biros

Bob Robbins (R) has one of the worst records of all Republicans when it comes to preserving liberty. His Liberty Index score is continually in the lowest bracket. His latest grade is an F-minus. How’s that possible? You’d have to ask Robbins. Sure, he’s pro-life and pro-veteran, but every Republican SHOULD be. Robbins also was part of that infamous midnight pay raise…the “payjacking of 2005.” Add in the abuse of perks and it’s time for Robbins to go. On top of that…

Bob Robbins (D) has severe lust-of-power issues. He simply doesn’t want to run honestly, so he worked with the local Democrat party to ensure a spot on both sides of the ballot. Classy. Aren’t you hard-working Dems tired of business-as-usual yet? Robbins votes like a typical Reagan Democrat, so maybe he is your guy after all.

Roberta Biros (I) is an odd bird. She didn’t like being a Republican, so she became a Democrat. She got trounced while running for county treasurer and it was obvious that both parties conspired against her, so she became an independent. To each, their own...but she’s not without substantive issues, either. I caught her flat-out lying to my face and she was classy enough to trash me (and my writing) on her blog – but at least she lied to my face BEFORE being elected and stabbed me in the front instead of the back, right? (No, I’m not getting into the background issues now.) She is good at research, but has terrible political instincts (as far as I know, she still thinks that the Mike Kelly “tea party” was real). But, hey, aside from that trainwreck, she’s still a fiscal conservative, which is light years beyond Robbins. And if she embarrasses us, we can oust her next time around pretty easily.

Lesser of two (three?) evils: Consider voting for Biros. Robbins simply has to go. His abuse of his position and lust for power are disgusting and should make every Republican and Democrat furious. Surely he has some children or grandchildren that he can visit.

Vote early and vote often…just like the Democrats! (yes, I'm joking)

Monday, October 25, 2010

PA-3: Dahlkemper Down in Polls, Produces Desperation Ads

Egads. Either Dahlkemper is a terrible liar in her ads or she's a terrible liar about being a conservative Democrat.

I just saw an ad that said Mike Kelly's desire to extend the Bush Tax Cuts would cost middle-class taxpayers something like $750 million. Or was it billion? I can't recall...but the point is that Kathy is either lying or she's a full-blown socialist.

Tax money belongs to the TAX PAYER, Kathy! It doesn't belong to the government! If you return money to the tax payer, the tax payer wins. Tax cuts do not cost anything.

Learn some history. Tax cuts have ALWAYS resulted in greater income to the Treasury. That's why the GOP lost Congress. They took that money and spent it, so the voters turned them out. Of course, the the Dems spent that money and a ton more, driving the country way into debt.

And that is Dahlkemper's legacy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

PA-50: Bob Robbins for Senate Endorsed by Hard-Core Leftists?

Our very own liberal Republican has racked up some "impressive" sympathizers:

- Sierra Club
- Planned Parenthood

Liberals, socialists, communists, baby killers, child indoctrinators, job killers, ecoterrorists...and they all appear to love State Senator Bob Robbins.

Ever wonder why? You better do some serious thinking before going into that voting booth.

Compliments of PA Progressive Voter's Guide.