Monday, October 25, 2010

PA-3: Dahlkemper Down in Polls, Produces Desperation Ads

Egads. Either Dahlkemper is a terrible liar in her ads or she's a terrible liar about being a conservative Democrat.

I just saw an ad that said Mike Kelly's desire to extend the Bush Tax Cuts would cost middle-class taxpayers something like $750 million. Or was it billion? I can't recall...but the point is that Kathy is either lying or she's a full-blown socialist.

Tax money belongs to the TAX PAYER, Kathy! It doesn't belong to the government! If you return money to the tax payer, the tax payer wins. Tax cuts do not cost anything.

Learn some history. Tax cuts have ALWAYS resulted in greater income to the Treasury. That's why the GOP lost Congress. They took that money and spent it, so the voters turned them out. Of course, the the Dems spent that money and a ton more, driving the country way into debt.

And that is Dahlkemper's legacy.

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