Sunday, October 24, 2010

PA-50: Bob Robbins for Senate Endorsed by Hard-Core Leftists?

Our very own liberal Republican has racked up some "impressive" sympathizers:

- Sierra Club
- Planned Parenthood

Liberals, socialists, communists, baby killers, child indoctrinators, job killers, ecoterrorists...and they all appear to love State Senator Bob Robbins.

Ever wonder why? You better do some serious thinking before going into that voting booth.

Compliments of PA Progressive Voter's Guide.


Cindy Marsch said...

As an area voter, I would appreciate more of your comments about the races!

Anonymous said...

If you would go back and read the voter's guide more carefully you will see that Bob Robbins was only endorsed by the PSEA not the other organizatons. Which is not a surprise since he is a former teacher. Incidentily the same PSEA that endorsed Michele Brooks.

Rich Talbert said...

And if you would go back and read the post, you'd notice that I never claimed he was endorsed by that list - just that they are sympathizers that are all part of the PA Progressive endorsement.

And a PSEA endorsement is awful for anyone who claims to be conservative.

So, do you support Bob Robbins the Republican or Bob Robbins the Democrat?

Rich Talbert said...


I hope to do my usual voter's guide in the next day or two.

Thanks for reading!