Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Grove City BiLo Closing: Update

BiLo has been SOLD...click here.

UPDATE from 11/16. Click here.

Here is the latest info about Grove City BiLo closing (11/9):

First of all, please know that this information comes from BiLo - not from some rumor mill that claims to have a friend of a friend of a friend who "knows everything about it." The rumors going around at this point have crossed into ridiculous territory.

The store will be open at least to the 20th. It is likely to be open until Thanksgiving. If sold, the store will likely closed up to two weeks for a basic remodel.

All items are 20% off. They are trying to sell down inventory in case they close or if the new owner wants to carry different products.

The sale looks more "favorable" than "unfavorable" at the moment. The lease rate is the biggest stumbling block, but negotiation is still going on. The potential buyer does have a record of keeping the store employees, so that's certainly good news for the 29 people employed at BiLo.

As always, stay tuned...and please correct the rumors!

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