Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grove City BiLo Market Sold: 11/18

It's official. Grove City BiLo has been sold to the Knopp family. Dave Knopp, Sr. owns County Market in Pine Township. Dave Knopp is also instrumental in the drive to keep the Wal-Mart Supercenter from being built in Springfield Township. It is understood that Dave Knopp, Jr. will be operating the store as a Save-A-Lot.

The store will be shuttered after the close of business on Saturday the 27th. The store will undergo a remodeling, with an projected opening in time for the Christmas shopping season.

All employees will be retained.

As of right now, general merchandise is 30% off. Health and beauty items are 50% off.

Starting Sunday the 21st, everything will be 50% until Saturday the 27th (unless they sell out of merchandise first).

For Thanksgiving, the store will be open until 1:00 on Wednesday and be closed on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I never liked County Market to begin with. I do shop at Aldi's but there are some choices they don't offer. BiLo gave us an alternative. Now, WHEN the new store is all within the same family.... Is this somewhat of a monopoly? Anyway, will I drive to the valley for my choices?

Alice Shumaker

Anonymous said...

No it's not a monopoly, because they are different companies for one, and two you still have the choice to go right down the road to Slippery Rock and shop at Giant Eagle, or go to Aldi still. You can go to Stoneboro and shop at McKean's Shurfine. You can go to Mercer and shop at Golden Dawn. The definition of a monopoly is that you have no other choice but to shop at the single company. In this one message I have informed you of six different companies not even affiliated with each other. Three of which are in the same community.