Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA Outrage: Where are the Men? Where are the Parents?

Men: Why in the world would you let the women in your lives go through the unconstitutional TSA groping or porn-scan show? Is your wife or girlfriend worth so little to you that you'd submit her to that indignity? Are you just going to stand back as some pervert ogles her body via the scanner or gropes her in front of a line full of strangers?

Parents: Why would you let an adult fondle your child in the name of "security"? We tell our kids to "never let anyone touch you in your private parts" - and then you hold your kid steady so a government agent can run his or her hands all over their defenseless, little bodies. Shame on you!

STOP being controlled like sheep! Do you not care about your dignity? Do you not care about the dignity of your family? Do you not care about your Fourth Amendment rights being trampled? Will you be as silent when the government terminates the rest of your constitutional rights?

And where the heck are the liberals and the civil libertarians who couldn't wait to bash Bush over the Patriot Act (written by Joe Biden, by the way)? Where is your outrage? You sorry bunch of hypocrites!

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