Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Greenville Taxpayers Foot Bill for YMCA Utilities

In case you were looking for more reasons why Greenville is in decline (hat tip to The Herald, Sharon, PA)...
Greenville council approved a payment Tuesday night for the YMCA’s electrical bills in hopes they’ll be reimbursed when the YMCA gets its own financial situation straightened out.
Here's to hoping!

Of course, there's no legal basis for this, as a borough should not be taking on private debt. Taxpayers should be outraged - and heads should roll during this year's election. Greenville is in dire need of conservative leadership.


Anonymous said...

As a borough council member yourself I would have thought that you would research all of the facts before assuming that everything that is reported in the paper is accurate. The borough of Greenville is not paying the YMCA's bills. The borough has always paid the utilities at the rec center and riverside park. This was the case when GALSA operated the facility as well. I share your desire for fiscal conseratism. Which was in part why the Y was brought in so that they could do more effeciciently and effectively what government has been unable to do. However it will take time for them to put programs in place and generate the revenue to cover more of these costs. I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight. Hopefully next time you'll check the facts before writing.

Rich Talbert said...

First, have the courage to post your name before lecturing people about "facts."

Secondly, did the YMCA take over GALSA's bills as the article said?

Thirdly, are you expecting to be reimbursed as the article said?