Monday, February 14, 2011

Grove City Save-A-Lot Not Coming, Old BiLo to Sit Empty?

The former BiLo building appears like it will sit empty as the California-based building owner won't negotiate a lease or repair the building.

Dave Knopp, Jr. may have wanted to open a Save-A-Lot (or a similar store) in the former BiLo location, but that dream is 99% gone. The staggering lease - one of the factors that killed BiLo - isn't up for negotiation. The leaky roof isn't going to be repaired by the owner. The remodeling to help Rx Express expand isn't going to happen.

Not even second-place bidder, Thorne Management Inc., is interested in the location any longer.

In short, the landowner is singlehandedly engineering his own failure.

If you want to buy the building, sure it's for sale - but the rumored asking price is well into the seven-figure range. And few - if any - buildings in the Grove City area are worth that.

For what it's worth, Knopp Jr. has invested plenty into making a store happen, including buying the old BiLo shelving, coolers, etc. He has also pledged to help the former employees find jobs, including hiring many of them at County Market. Knopp Jr. has been a stand-up businessman in this ordeal.

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