Monday, February 21, 2011

Grove City Ward Three: In Need of a Conservative!

Grove City Borough Council will have a vacancy this election cycle. Council member Joe Pisano (R-W3) is not seeking re-election. Joe has been a tremendous asset to council, from his leadership in moving technology issues forward to his direct approach for solving problems.

But this year is his last on council.

This means that an opening is available RIGHT NOW for those who are going through the petition process. March 8 is the last day to file petitions, so if you're interested in the seat, get moving! You only need ten signatures and there are no fees involved.

Click here to see the map of Grove City's wards.

Click here for more info about running for office.

Grove City has long been a conservative stronghold. Here is where you can do your part to keep it that way. If you are interested, but have some questions, please ask! Send me a message and I'll help any way I can. It's worth the effort!

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