Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Primary Candidates for Mercer County, PA Released

In case you were wondering who will be on the ballot this May, here you go!


Get to know these people. Find out what they believe and why they believe it. Support those who follow the Constitution and vigorously oppose those who do not. Restoring America happens at ALL level.


Jason Reeher said...

Rich, what's the story with Ward 2? No one is running? As usual, the Allied News has completely dropped the ball on the elections news. Are there write-in candidates who are interested, or will council have to appoint someone?

Also, do you know anything about any of the school board candidates? I would like to see someone who reiterates that the governor's education budget cuts don't mean a mandate for higher property taxes at the local level.

Rich Talbert said...


Patrick Chapman is still running...he just messed up on the filing dates. He'll be running a write-in campaign for his own seat. I know of no other candidates.

As for school board, I don't know anything about the candidates. I have no idea who is a pawn and who wants change. I have a guess that it's all the same since we never seem to have a slate of reform candidates.

As for the Allied, it's par for the course. The Herald gives them no funding, cuts their staffing, and won't pay reporters to cover events. It's not surprising that they don't cover anything that requires an investment of time.