Monday, March 14, 2011

Upcoming Trash Mountain Hearings

We've had an interesting week of meetings dealing with the Tri-County Industries' Trash Mountain application. The biggest news is that owner Ed Vogel can't seem to find a string of building and operation permits. What this means is that TCI appears to have a bunch of illegal buildings and has been operating illegally for years. Since Pine Township doesn't have these permits on record, it seems that either TCI has been blatantly violating the law or someone has been handing out lots of wink-and-nod approvals. Either way, it doesn't look good...

Here's the upcoming hearing schedule so you can watch for yourself (all held at GCHS):

Tuesday, March 15: Canceled

March 22: 6:00pm (Pine Twp)
March 26: 10:00am (Pine Twp)
April 1: 5:00pm (Liberty Twp)

Please attend and support your community!

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