Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Grove City Area Superintendent Was Driving Drunk To Work

Hat tip to StateCollege.com:
In the hours before he was pulled over for DUI, (superintendent Dr. Richard) Mextorf had gone to visit a friend and, "unfortunately, drank way too much," (Attorney Joseph) Amendola said. He said Mextorf made another bad decision in trying to drive back to State College -- "ironically because he didn't want to miss work."

The article also notes that he drank because of the pressures of being a superintendent:
Amendola said that Mextorf is not a chronic alcoholic by any stretch; rather, he said, Mextorf found himself facing a lot of pressure -- much of it self-imposed -- from his job as State College superintendent.


"I think the pressure kind of surprised him -- coming from another school district where I don't think the parents typically are as involved as maybe they are in the State College area," Amendola said. " ... I think it got to a point where it overwhelmed him."

The maximum penalty for Mextorf's DUI is six months in jail. His attorney is seeking a plea bargain.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely insane that he can get hired this soon, especially as a raging alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

I thank God that we do not reside within the school district of Grove City. Evil is alive and well in our world if we are allowing the hiring of someone with this problem to run our childrens' educational lives. Of course he should be forgiven, but do we want to deal with these problems when this person should be setting an example??

Vince said...

I can't understand how an adult, especially one in a position of responsibility to our children no less, can get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. Driving safety is serious business and if people can't refrain from driving while drunk, they don't deserve the privilege!