Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grove City Area School District's Mextorf Application Released

The Centre Daily Times formally requested Dr. Richard Mextorf's job application.

Grove City Area School District officials delayed the release for 30 days before fulfilling the request.

Mextorf mentioned his DUI issue quickly in the process:
“I am writing this letter to request consideration as a candidate for the position of Superintendent of Schools at Grove City School District. Recently, I resigned my position as Superintendent of Schools at State College Area School District to address a personal issue regarding a charge of driving under the influence. I have addressed this issue aggresively, and have taken the necessary steps to ensure this incident never occurs again. It is my hope that a detailed investigation of my personal and professional history will allow you to view this singular incident of poor judgment through the prism of an otherwise pristine career of meaningful contributions and service to others.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grove City Save A Lot Opening June 1

The new Save A Lot store in Grove City Borough will be opening its doors on June 1. The business, owned by Dave Knopp, Jr. replaces the former BiLo store at the same Mill Street location.

The entire interior of the store has been improved or replaced. The shelving has been set in place and multiple pallets of food has already been delivered and stocked. Final construction and paint will take place this week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mercer County, PA Commissioner Ken Ammann Out

Unofficial results state that Ammann was the third-place finisher on the Democratic side of the ballot. Brian Beader and Tim Templeton will join GOP winners Matt McConnell and John Lechner in the fall.

Jim Crow Ousted From Grove City Area School Board, Susan Herman Remains

Unofficial results (100% reporting) show that Crow lost his seat. Herman will appear on the fall ballot. A write-in campaign by Frederick White siphoned off enough votes to give Herman a last-minute surge to pass Christine Pease-Hernandez on the GOP side. Ironically, Miller and Pease-Hernandez both teach at neighboring Slippery Rock University.

Independent incumbent Dorry Foster will be on the ballot in the fall. Foster also voted for the now-convicted superintendent Richard Mextorf.

See you in November...

2011 Primary Election Results - Mercer County, PA

Folks - here are the 2011 primary election results for Mercer County, PA. Of course, the race of interest is the Grove City Area School District school board, as two incumbents try to stave off a challenge. This race is relevant with the school board's unanimous hiring of a convict for the new superintendent.

Results by precinct

Results by race

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Primary 2011: Grove City Area School District Board Members

Hat tip to Jason Reeher for this excellent summation:

A Primary on the Primary: What to look for on Tuesday in the GC school board race

The primary elections are this Tuesday, May 17th. Voters in Grove City will have a chance to select candidates; Republicans will be able to vote for five school board seats, as will Democrats. Here is some math regarding the primaries, and the general election to follow in November, to help you understand what can happen:

Republicans will select (up to) five candidates for school board. If you are a Republican, your ballot will look like this:

Adam M. Renick
Roberta M. Hensel
Christine E. Pease-Hernandez
Faye A. Bailey
Vern Junior Saylor
James L. Crow
Susan L. Herman

...In that order. There are also spaces to write-in candidates, if you choose to do so.

Democrats' ballots will look like this:

Roberta M. Hensel
Christine E. Pease-Hernandez
James L. Crow
Susan L. Herman
Vern Junior Saylor
Adam M. Renick
Faye A. Bailey

Plus spaces for write-ins.

So with five seats up for grabs, what can happen? Well, each party is picking their candidates for the fall ballot. The votes for Republicans and Democrats are NOT added together. This means that all seven candidates can still appear on the fall ballot. If, for instance, the candidates finished in the exact order they are listed on the two ballots, the Republicans would elect Renick, Hensel, Pease-Hernanez, Bailey and Saylor, while the Democrats would elect Hensel, Pease-Hernandez, Crow, Herman, and Saylor. If you make it into the top five on either ballot, you make it to the November election. Then the voters will choose five candidates from whomever survives the primary (plus Dorry Foster, who we'll get to later).

What happens if someone finishes out of the top five on both ballots? If a candidate were to finish 6th or lower on BOTH the Republican and Democrat ballots, that person would NOT appear on the November ballot. In other words (and what I hope happens) is that Jim Crow could for instance finish sixth on both the Republican and Democrat ballots; he would have effectively lost the election since he wouldn't even be on the ballot in November.

What about Dorry Foster? Ms. Foster, a school board incumbent, is running as an independent, because she is not a member of either major party. She was required to get a certain amount of signatures in order to appear on the November ballot. She has the advantage of not facing elmination in the primaries, but the disadvantage of not having her name in the election process untill the general election. In other words, if you have five candidates you really liked and voted for in the May primary, you may not want to chose a different candidate, come November.

What can we look for? Obviously, to see Crow and Herman voted out of office; the simplest way for that to happen is for them to both finish out of the top five on both ballots. However--and this is where the math comes in--something to watch for is the particular order of finish, as well as any large gaps, on the Republican ballot. In the last GC school board election, about 7 out of 10 voters were Republicans. That means that, come the general election, the Republican vote has a huge majority say in who ends up on the school board. For instance, if Sue Herman were to finish fourth or fifth on the Republican ballot this week, she will make it through to November but still have reason to sweat, especially if she also finishes low (or out of the top five) on the Democrat ballot. Finishing high on the Republican ballot is a good indication of how you will fare in the November election.

What about write-ins? Technically, a write-in candidate could upset the proverbial apple cart, and garner enough votes to be elected to the school board. However, it is an extremely difficult task in a school district-wide election. This election should be about leadership change, and voting the incumbents out of office is more important than taking away potential votes from the five newcomers. Writing in a name is just throwing away a vote that could be cast for one of the five challengers. They'll need all the votes they can get.

I'm not registered! What do I do? After the primaries, you still have from May 18 through October 11 to get registered for the November vote. Just go here: http://www.mcc.co.mercer.pa.us/election/HOMEPAGE.HTM#Downloads and fill out the application and print and mail it.

Then come to as many school board meetings as you can.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Grove City Area School District's New Superintendent Mextorf Sentenced

The new GCASD superintendent will get 15 days of house arrest and be on parole for six months after that. Considering the legal requirement was a punishment of three days to six months in jail, it appears that Dr. Mextorf was given the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Read the full story here.

There is a GCASD school board meeting tonight at 7:00. It is unlikely that the board will address the issue.