Monday, May 09, 2011

Grove City Area School District's New Superintendent Mextorf Sentenced

The new GCASD superintendent will get 15 days of house arrest and be on parole for six months after that. Considering the legal requirement was a punishment of three days to six months in jail, it appears that Dr. Mextorf was given the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Read the full story here.

There is a GCASD school board meeting tonight at 7:00. It is unlikely that the board will address the issue.


Anonymous said...

1. At .316 BAC. Most experts agree that amount dictates a very high tolerance to alcohol built up over use and time. The average person could not function at this level.
2. He was driving to work like normal. Like this was no big deal or normal routine. (Most people that intoxicated would have called off work and stayed home.)
3. His "friend" Mr. Hardy the assistant super in State College bailed him out per the newspaper article. No family? Why?
4. How can he now do his job? Leadership and credibility are damaged. He can not drive also.
5. Is the Grove City school district now at an increased exposure of risk and liability if something should happen? Can they be held liable and be named defendants in a lawsuit if he does someone or something harm? Can the individual board members be filed on in a civil court case?
6. Per his attorney he could not handle the pressure of being the super in State College and he started drinking....his pressure just increased 10 fold.
7. Was a deal made with the State college school district that allowed him to resign and not be terminated? (Knowing a termination would have ended his career) Did he resign to save his career knowing a termination was coming?
8. How could the Grove City school board make this decision? (With out talking to the experts or making a higher effort to get the citizens involved) Did they utilize solid judgment and decision making?
9. How will the state of PA handle this? Will he lose his credentials/certification?
10. The local Grove City school board elections will be held Tuesday the 17th with 5 seats up, will the school board members be voted out?

NOTSMALL said...

As anonymous said, you have to be a problem drinker to even function at a BAC% in .3 range. I am in law enforcement and have made or been present for a TON of DUI arrests. A BAC this high is not a one time event.Generally when a person is at a level this high they cannot even perform simple tasks, let alone operate a motor vehicle. Another thing to consider is that this was his BAC at time of arrest. How high was his BAC when he QUIT drinking? He had to have stopped at one point and his body began to metabolize the alcohol. He was even higher at one point!

I cannot see why the Grove City School District hired this guy. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't he hired at a wage HIGHER than the last superintendent? In this economic time when the district is sending out letters crying about budget cuts, this is a collosal waste of money. If one takes the time to read the comments posted from the Centre County newspaper in regard to his arrest, it appears that he wasn't very well liked or respected in his last position. All in all I'd say the school district has made a what will be a very costly mistake.