Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grove City Area School District's Mextorf Application Released

The Centre Daily Times formally requested Dr. Richard Mextorf's job application.

Grove City Area School District officials delayed the release for 30 days before fulfilling the request.

Mextorf mentioned his DUI issue quickly in the process:
“I am writing this letter to request consideration as a candidate for the position of Superintendent of Schools at Grove City School District. Recently, I resigned my position as Superintendent of Schools at State College Area School District to address a personal issue regarding a charge of driving under the influence. I have addressed this issue aggresively, and have taken the necessary steps to ensure this incident never occurs again. It is my hope that a detailed investigation of my personal and professional history will allow you to view this singular incident of poor judgment through the prism of an otherwise pristine career of meaningful contributions and service to others.”

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NOTSMALL said...

WOW....With just a bit of homework, the GC School District would have been able to see that this "incident" is possibly indicative of an even larger underlying issue. The criminal complaint/AOPC was public knowledge. In that, the BAC% would easily be able to be known prior to consideration for a job.
You can't tell me that there were not other candidates. I know that people deserve "a chance" in life and all, but it seems as though this guy had a very high paying, good job already. He blew it! And now, the taxpayers/students of the GC School District are going to be subject to an experiment of sorts to see if he has turned his life around.
Once again, in this day and age when there are cuts in spending in government, why would you hire someone for more money? Especially when it's a "gamble"....Bad move.