Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grove City Area School District Places Washington Kindergarten For Sale

Washington Kindergarten Center is for sale. The Grove City Area School District has decided to accept sealed bids for the soon-to-be-vacated building.

According to Grove City Borough zoning, the use of the property is extremely limited. The district where the school is located is zoned R1 (Residential), which is the most restrictive zoning in the borough. It is designed to protect single-family dwellings.

Principle Uses:
- Single-family homes
- Public schools
- Public recreation buildings

Accessory Uses (when used as a single-family home):
- Zero-impact home business (no signage, only family members may work there)

Special Exception Uses
- Essential services (borough infrastructure)
- Churches
- Parish houses
- Church schools
- Private schools
- Government buildings

In other words, nearly no one would be able to use the building. The public school doesn't want it (hence, they are selling it) and the local government (GC Borough) doesn't want it.

That means someone could buy it for a private home (way too expensive and would require massive remodeling), a church could buy it (not really set up for a church), a developer could buy it and demolish the building to build new houses (incredibly expensive), or a private/church school could buy it.

A person could not turn it into apartments. A person could not turn it into an business. Both are forbidden in an R1 district. That would be a move from a principle use to a forbidden use - if the Grove City Zoning Hearing Board follows PA law, there's no way any such development would be approved. Any such approval would be quickly appealed and overturned in court.

The bidding process should be interesting.


Damon Covert said...

The borough should donate it to the Grove City Theatre Arts Guild or a newly-formed non-profit for similar use. The all-purpose room, though smallish, does have a stage and could be a nice little theater. Just sayin'.

Damon Covert

RLT said...


The building is owned by the school district, not the borough.

Also, they couldn't donate it. They can either sell it via private sale for fair market value, sell it via sealed bid, or sell it at public auction.

Should be interesting...

Anonymous said...

They Could donate the school to Mercer County Head start !!!